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ac splitter Customers Reviews

  • Not Successfull for LCD TV + Monitor

    posted by Crixis

    - Small
    - May be effective but not for me
    - Good build quality
    - Hard case
    I have 42" LG LCD TV (10 MT HDMI) and 23" LG LED Monitor (1.5 MT HDMI). I was not able to get stable image with the splitter. There are image and sound on LCD TV stable however signal on LG monitor is not stable at all. I have to plug-in and plug-away several times. After some time I was able to get signal on both tv and montitor.
    Signal is stable whatever happens to TV (turn on/off, change AV input etc) but monitor's signal goes away when I turn off the monitor or sometimes without doing anything.
    I have 2 identical those LG 23" LED monitors. I have also tried to use the splitter on both of them however it was also not able to get stable signal.
    I don't know may be my equipment is just not suitable for this product.
  • Great product, just plug & play. Good price!

    posted by fielliep

    - Easy to use. Just plug in the VGA cables: one from your computers VGA port to the splitter, and up to 8 from the splitter to your monitors or TV's.- Great price. At around 18 dollar, arround 14 euro, you can not find a 8 port VGA splitter anywhere else. In europe you'd easily have to pay at least 40 euro.- Good resolution options, can handle up to 2048 x 1536- Compatible with all kinds of VGA cables up to 15HDF- If you fasten the screws on the VGA cables well enough then the cables fit really tight. No wobbling and loose contacts.
    The VGA splitter turned out to be exactly what I expected of it, and with 8 ports it offers lots of options.
    Great buy, I'm using it in a club where I have 'VJ' entertainment on multiple screens. I took a guess by using VGA instead of HDMI but I don't regret it at all. It's a much cheaper solution and the quality is fine.
  • Important device in this globalized world

    posted by diobsb

    -Nice universal sockets-Independent switches for every socket allow you to turn individual device on/off-fair space between the sockets
    That's what I was looking for. Nowadays we deal with several types of plugs, specially when you are buying home appliances, electronics and gadgets from all the world.And nowadays it's becoming more and more difficult to find even regular american standard power bars here in Brazil, we can only find the new national standard, which is awful and useless.
    Just buy it. Despite of being too pricey, it's worth to be able to connect any gadget you have bought anywhere of the world, without worrying about where to find adaptors for that. Unfortunately it could be include more standards compatibilities, it would just make it useful than it already is.
  • Works well

    posted by netdnz

    * Does its job* Seems to support HDCP as best I can tell* Seems to handle 1080p as best I can tell (I only have a 720p display)* Great price compared to many other sellers selling the exact same device
    * Does exactly what it needs to. If this is something you need, then this device will do it.
  • Excellent Product

    posted by jkila0284

    This splitter/distribution amp is very excellent. It is way cheaper than other sites that offer the same item. $16 here compared to other sites that sell it for cheapest is about $60. I was very happy with the image quality of this unit.
    With the correct adapter this unit worked beautifully. I had used it on this performance night with the kids I work with and this splitter/D.A. worked wonderfully. I took the monitor out on my laptop into this unit, then I took one out to the lcd monitor near the laptop for viewing of the media, and last I took two other outputs to two projectors. Again it worked really nice and excellent.
    Bottomline buy it. If you need to split/distribute vga/rgb monitor signals this works wonders. And I encourage you to buy it.


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