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The ac powered usb hub your looking for is one of our top sellers. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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  • alot of usb ports in small price

    posted by roeeitz

    - Alot of usb port (7) - small device!- have external power supply which is good for devices that get the power supply from it like jopysticks, gamepads, External HDD and more...- very cheap for usb pors splitter with External power supply!
    This is really great for everyone who need more usb ports which is very popular in this days (every thing that connect to the computer use usb port form cameras, keyboards, mouses to External HDD and External Drive and more...
    This is very good device that everyone and each of us will find very useful cause alot of people need more usb ports and it the easiest way and its very accessible because you can put it right next to you, use it and connect the usb without bend or go anywhere!I bought it especially for my PS3 because I jailbreak my console to play clone games and the first usb port is taken by the Jailbreak donagle and the second usb port is taken by my External HDD and sometimes I need to charge my controlers and I can't connect my Eye toy Camera so this solve my problem. now I can connect 2 External HDD, charge 2 controllers, connect the Eye Toy camera also connect the jailbreak dongle and I will still have more free usb ports!
  • It's bigger than the photo makes it look

    posted by burito

    It's a USB2 Hub, with 7 ports. It's powered. It comes with a 1amp supply.This hub does not backleak.
    It's the most sturdy piece of equipment I've seen come out of China. Granted, I'm no expert on Chinese exports, but this is made very well.I feel like I could safely step on it and it would be fine.
    It's the best USB2 Hub on dx.com as far as I can tell. Thou shalt not be disappointed.
  • Useful usb hub - but not for powering devices

    posted by bambalero

    The good things about the device:- Small size- 7 hubs, 2 on the back, 5 on front- Goes to AC power for charging devices (but---see the cons)- A little stand for vertical placement- All hubs are detected on my MacBook Pro computer, transfer speed seems to be good.
    Since a Mac Book Pro only has two hubs (and one is already having the mouse dongle) a purchase of a hub was a no brainer. I am still happy with this hub, because it can accommodate all my devices and i do not have to disconnect all of them every time I move my Mac around.
    Buy it, it is a great hub, but, if you are looking to power your devices then look for other solution. If you are like me just wanting to have more hubs on your Mac - go for it.
  • Stylish USB hub

    posted by djota18

    Has plenty of USB ports and you can turn off half of them to save energy and memory usage of your PC when you have attached devices that don't need to be used all the time (such as bluetooth dongle, joystick or backup hard disk). Ports have a nice blue light on their surroundings, looks really cool. Comes with a energy supply to make sure that every device will work fine.
    Shipment done according to the expected arriving time, good packaging to avoid damage during shipment.
    Good choice for desktop PCs that have limited number of USB ports.
  • Great product at a really great price

    posted by mcipcic

    The 10 USB slots are really great, there are red lights to indicate what USB ports are currently in use of the overall inputs.I've tried it with USB sticks, external hdd's, lights ... great
    this has been really as what I expected it to be. Great for any use!
    Overall I'm very happy with the product it's well worth the money, if you need something to extend your USB ports, meaning that they are a few on the motherboard itself, than this is really a no-brainer to have.

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