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ac power travel adapter

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ac power travel adapter Customers Reviews

  • Nice idea, but bad quality

    posted by vsego

    The ideas itself: you can switch between different plugs.
    Some plug labels would be nice, since Euro-plug is tight (as it should be) and may confuse first-time users.
    With a bit more effort on the producer's side, this could've been a great travel device.
  • A Must-Have Product!

    posted by tecnofagia

    Amazing quality: I haven't seem any other product so well constructed. The material is solid and durable; The design is excellent and very functional;Fits almost every AC power sources in the world (including the new awful 3-pine Brazilian standard);And have a USB charging port too, so you'll be able to charge your smartphone, cellphone, GPS, PSP and so on at any place.
    It's perfect to have at your backpack forever. I don't go to travel without it. Surely a must-have.
    Buy without concerns. It's excellent and have a very cheap price.
  • USB attachment broken but otherwise good device

    posted by poulsenk

    The main body of the device works extremely well and is very simple/straightforward to use. The look of the device is more stylish/elegant than some other universal adaptors. Extremely handy device to have around for anyone who likes to travel.
    It would be nice if it came in a case/bag to protect it from damage.
    Overall an extremely useful device that works well. The only annoyance was the broken USB attachment. This might have been prevented with better packaging/case.
  • Excellent product but a bit on the pricey side

    posted by ZR3

    - Good quality plastic and build- Good metal contacts allows for snug fits with plugs- Supports a wide variety of plug types
    Very good quality product but cheaper options are available
    Although for a product like this the price is a bit high and some of its counterparts are cheaper, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to incompatible plugs and sockets if price is not an issue for them due to its good build and quality.
  • It blew up after usb device shorted

    posted by pss2010

    Clever designed. rotating pins makes it fit NZ/aus sockets ok.
    Needs better short circuit protection and overloading like a usb power hub has as a short can kill the power adapter and also seems to kill the power tap off which is odd.
    Hand and small and good light indicators to show usb and ac is being used but is not reboust enough from shorts. could do with a cut out switch protect usb side of things.

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