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You will be surprised our best ac power monitors with an artful design and an amazing price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. ac power converter and ac power strip are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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ac power monitors Customers Reviews

  • Works Great for Power Monitoring

    posted by SaxonWica

    - Descent quality, functional and informative.- Plug and play.- Can monitor wattage, total watt usage, and voltage.- Bright display. Easy to read.
    Would be better if vendor can also inform maximum Ampere / Watt that can be accepted to avoid overheat.
    If you're looking to monitor your power usage, this is really a good deal.
  • Cool AC Power Meter

    posted by spinron2

    Quite simply, this gadget lets you accurately measure how much electricity different appliances around your home consume. It is quite accurate at that.
    These devices cost more than three times as much in Germany (Conrad).
    Maybe DX could translate what different modes on the package mean?
    I was able discern that one mode measures kWh (which is what I use all the time), how much time it has measured since being reset, and averages: kWh/h, and kWh/day and kWh/month (the day and month characters were Chinese :-). But there are other modes which I simply couldn't figure out.
    Great gadget if you want to measure how much power your devices really devour (it can be quite an elucidating experience, trust me). The device is more then usable even with its kWh counting mode, but it would a thousand-fold cooler if a basic English instruction sheet were included with the other data.
  • Pretty good, very similar to Kill-a-watt P4400

    posted by Barkfin

    I bought a Kill-a-watt P4400 on sale from Amazon for $20 + $10 postage, and this one was for $23 + $0 postage, so which one would you say is cheaper?Mine is called the JXD-2013 (not JNX-2000 as shown in the photos). Fundamentally it looks identical to SKU #108141 except it has non-Chinese symbols.It measures voltage, amps, watts, and power factor (Power factor is the ratio of real power to apparent power). The Kill-a-Watt measures frequency, and shows real power as W and apparent power as VA. If the load consists of a heater, which only consumes power and never returns power dynamically to the grid, then apparent power = real power and power factor = 1.0.Both the kill-a-watt and the JXD measure accumulated time and kilowatt hours of the load.The JXD-2013 has a backlight and has a calculator function to measure the cost to date for powering the load. The cost is in Yuan per kilowatt hour, default it is 0.700 Yuan per kWhr, mine is $0.080 per hour, I was able to update that easily.
    This one is not bad, but if you watch you can easily get a kill-a-watt for practically the same price.The device came in a gift box! I guess to the Chinese this would be a pretty good gift, I hear they are stereotypically frugal even as much as the Scottish! Ha ha that is only a joke.One thing this has is an alarm function, if the duty cycle is too long or the power draw too high, it flashes the red light alarm to notify you your refrigerator is konking out.
    Buy the kill-a-watt on sale, it's a better made device.
  • Static Remover and Demagnetizer

    posted by ssrtt

    Never intended to use it for degaussing CRT TVs, but for demagetizing and removing static.Works like a charm for my CDs, Lps cables, tubes for my sound rig.Its simple to use: plug in and start zapping. 10secs on each side of the CDs/Lps and its done. Can never listen to unzapped CDs/LPs once you have heard the difference. Makes playback of recorded music sound alive, musical and surreal!
    Electromagnetic wave could be harmful?
    Do justice to your music collection by zapping them, esp LPs! DO NOT USE ON YOUR Cassettes! And remove your watch! Happy zapping!


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