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On this page, you can find a wide selection of ac power light. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. You can find what you want at ac power switch, ac power connectors. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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ac power light Customers Reviews

  • A good Insect Killer

    posted by roland_t

    This AC Powered LED Light Electronic Mosquito Insects Killer - Random Color (AC 220V/2-Flat-Pin Plug) is a very useful product for people that live in rural areas. It's very easy to use: plug it on power and turn it on.
    It comes with no manual, only the instructions on the box (but perhaps for most of the people this is enough).
    Perhaps it didn't kill all the insects of the ambience, but it will kill a good number, which is already very good.
  • Incredibly Light !!!

    posted by gand0lfi

    Perfect, really 5 Amps, 12 V adjustable power supply.I use it on 220 AC, to power sku.67412 and connected ir to sku.109203 !!Hace a nice multicolored room !!!
    If you need a powerful 12 Volts power supply buy this one!Nice and Sturdy construction!It would be nice if this could be cheaper, but I do't regret on what I have pay for!
    If you need a powerful 12 Volts power supply buy this one!It's very difficult to write 500 characters about a perfect, nice working power supply. I could be better if the product was a piece of junk, but it's not the case!!
  • Excelent product!

    posted by tomicapo

    The transformer is very nice looking. Perfect finish. Very good output! I'm driving a Black n Decker portable fridge rated in around 10A and it works perfectly! Totally silent. In my case, just a very little overheat, but I'm using it 24hs and still, it's ok.
    Nothing much to say. It surely satisfied my needs.
    Totally cool. If you're doubting, just go for it! It's cheap and very good quality. You must have some electricity knowledge to install.
  • Clock ligh

    posted by henriqueboff

    Great product. The brightness of the LED is perfect, it is small, compact and fits anywhere in your home. It is plugged in but has an internal battery that when no light keeps the time and date set. I already have it for over two years and continues to function normally. My friends love it. It is easy to clean and also easy to set up. Only regretted not having bought one of each color. There are several models of different colors. Besides all this he also tells the temperature on the display, which is perfect. Buy one.
  • Great night light and emergency lighting

    posted by temasnow

    Excellent device for night lighting of a room or corridor with the function of emergency lighting. Separately, it's worth noting that the emergency lighting devices are usually sold at very high price. And this device an excellent job with the assigned function. Suffice it to stick in the socket, and upon the occurrence of the night (darkness), it automatically starts to illuminate the room. In case of problems with electricity, the device itself will include a brighter light than a nightlight. Moreover, built-in battery charge alone - forget about batteries and accumulators, as well as about the time that you want to spend to replace them. This device does not need help or charge-off to include (the function is included, but in fact it is not required for operation). And this device can be used as a flashlight when traveling or trips to nature.
    Advantageous! Lamp-light for night lighting, emergency lighting and flashlight - all in one for such a small price. I am thrilled and happy!

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