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ac plug white Customers Reviews

  • Very good and dependable power supply

    posted by wvdv2002

    Very good power supply to charge different appliances at the same time.Some very good reviews on the internet, should be able to deliver 2,6A maximum. So it is over specification and not underspecced.
    should have indicated which port is suitable for which charging standard
    Buy it, it is stable, dependable and much better than crappy 1 dollar chargers.
  • good Product

    posted by AlbyDNC

    Good quality, very helpful with 200w fluorescent compact lights that have e40 bulb plug.the construction is good and is resistant.I recommend this product to everyone has my same problem.
    really helpful with video continuous lights and studio photography.I enjoy using this product that make my work easier
    I recommend to buy this product, because of its usefulness. It can also be used by growers in greenhouses to adapt fluorescent compact bulbs to e27 plugs.
  • My first tests are passed.

    posted by azmanovski

    Very cheap and easy to use. Tested on several mosquitoes that were resting besides a light and they did some weird aerial tricks after a moment pointing the device on them and totally forgot to bite us and they disappeared. Easy to unwrap to test and to put back in packaging if you need to test them before they are sold. Fits perfectly in wall outlet.
    Did its job for what it should do. Nice product for it's price. you should give it a try if you are having mosquito / mouse problems.
    Worth for the money!!!
  • best on market

    posted by balloonguys

    Perfect for charging multiple devices. And the ability to choose the amount of ampage you require is a must a you can get a desktop phone stand that has four USB outputs on it but if you plug it it into a say 2 amp plug your only giving 500mah to each socket with this plug you can plug it into top socket and 4.4 amps going into multi charger so your not waiting all day to charge a couple of phones
    Buy one!
  • brilliant effect

    posted by lasermanathome

    Gives strong colorfull effect withe sharp shaped patterns wich are -per color -different.For such a small device and working with only 3X1Watt leds the lightoutput is surprisingly powerfull
    This principe could be used in a larger scale and that will be very appreciated in the professional world.
    There are NO lasers involved, dispite the description but the colors are very small spectrum and so the effect looks a bit like laser but without the danger.Well done DX!!


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