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ac plug 2 Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful wave maker

    posted by salvadego

    Excellent product, great quality, really beautiful, almost no noise from the wire not be touching the glass.
    Unfortunately, one of the pumps that I bought ... the head of one of them is not working ... I think it was a manufacturing defect even ... I am awaiting the dx.com take action to solve the problem.
    Yes I would recommend it despite the defect.
  • Cheap, does the job but I would not leave this running 24/7

    posted by LB750123

    2 devices delivered for quite a cheap price.Did the job for me when traveling in the us, I was able to charge my mobile and tablet with no issues.They take very little space in my backpack.
    I will definetely reuse it when travelling.
    Practical but I will use a more expensive adapter for long term connections.
  • Nice Power Socket

    posted by FredericoRamos

    It is not the best socket I ever seen but It will serve to the proposit It is meant for.
    Did not tested to 10A but looking to the metal structure I think It will be appropriate.
    If you are in a contry like mine (Brazil) where some stupit people changed totaly the standarts for plugs, you will need this for your DIY projects. I like to make some panels to control my stuff and these are handy.
  • 4-port USB Desktop charger

    posted by anoniemelimbo

    Easy to use USB Desktop charger. The 4 ports make it easy to charge several devices at the same time. Also the switch buttom makes it easy to switch the device off to reduce power consumption.
    A 2mAh port would be fine, so ALL devices can be used at the same time.I use it do charge my phones and devices at night while I sleep. The next morning I can switch off the charged, and don't have to look for charges, disconnect them from the wall outlet, etc. Just 1 button to enable the power. No disposed power while switched off.
    Easy to use device, that saves power, and no worries about your chargers. Only buyed some additional charger usb cables.
  • buena calidad

    posted by diegosan007

    Buena calidad. Good.Encajan perfectamente.No se obserba flojera como en otros productos similares, aun costando lo mismo.En el pack vienen dos unidades juntas.Acepta diferentes intensidades de corriente.
    Adaptador para conectores americanos a eu.Recomendable para todo tipo de aparatos que no son de fabricación europea y necesitan un adaptador.Yo los compre para usarlos en un cargador de baterias y en una camara fotográfica. Funcionando perfectamente en ambos casos.

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