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ac outlet remote Customers Reviews

  • wireless helper

    posted by elmokono

    This little device can be used anywhere. The idea of putting a few centimeters of wire makes it suitable for any device.I find it useful for lamps, I guess i will open it and embed it inside some place.
    Works with any infrared emitter.
    Could be cheaper, but I does what it say.Be aware to keep the red light visible and reachable by remote controls.
  • Good quality great price!!

    posted by PythonNF10

    Does the job and the RF remote allows the unit to be placed behind furniture and still operate. This is being used to operate two table lamps because no switched outlet was installed in the room. The remote outlet works perfectly for this application. The remote antenna does not need to be extended for it to operate within at least a 10M distance. Rugged quality....should last a long time.
    Great quality.....fantastic price
    For quality/price combination this is a great buy!!
  • I like it

    posted by ed668

    It works. Easy to set up. Works with all remote. Fit the power strip and not interfere with other plugs. It'll remember the remote
    Use Sony remote for the best reception. Other brand just too weak. Only Chinese instructions on the back. It said, hold the button on the outlet for 3 second than the LED will flash. Point the remote to the outlet and press the key on the remote(the key for on/off).
    Like it.
  • VERY useful

    posted by DNKROZ

    - Small (very)
    - Light weight
    - Universal plug (for the thing you plug in, not for the adapter itself)
    - Wide range
    - Easy programming
    - Has also physical switch
    Be sure to order the correct version (220 V or 120V) and do not plug power hungry appliances, it states that supports 500W, but I won't bet on that.
    - Very useful, I use it for a lamp and to turn on/off my self-powered subwoofer (without the need to reach the switch)

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