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  • WHY Cancel

    posted by turbofarfar

    The first item is very good with a nice and warm light. I was very delighted and orderd a follow-up to light the rest of the big room.
    How come you have canceled this order without my approvement?I want to buy these ceiling lamps. The first was excellent. Now I want more to light up the rest of the big room.
    The lamps on sale was ordered, payed but not delivered. The seller canceled the order without my approval.VERY BAD!
  • pretty good, build quality could be better

    posted by emeytal

    Looks nice. Amazingly bright light for a 1W lamp. Even though it has an American plug (2 flat pins) it works well on 220V . I assume it also works on 110 . Good price.
    If you have good hands, better replace that wires before they breaks down.
    Good buy for the price.
  • well made and lasting

    posted by groeschel

    The lamp is very bright and easily replaces my 50 Watt Halogen in terms of brightness. Build quality is good and it gives a nice even light. The light is also very similar to a normal halogen lamp which was important for the WAF (wife approval factor)
    Good price, no complains so far
    I will probably buy even more
  • Good but very focused beam

    posted by DCHammer

    Super cheap to operate Well manufactured Very cool white lightGenerates much less heat than the halogen I replaced
    I installed this light in an office and it's doing a fine job where it is. Sort of.In some ways it worked out perfectly because it is more of a spotlight. It shines right into a closet where I needed some light. Unfortunately, it doesn't 'spread' so there is less light generally where there was with the previous halogen. This isn't really a fault with the bulb, it was probably designed as a spotlight and I purchased the wrong bulb.
    If you're looking for more of a spot and less of a flood, you can't go wrong. Haven't had it long enough to know what longevity is like. If it fails quickly, I'll try and remember to come back and update this.
  • Cool light for decoration

    posted by tol

    * Looks original
    * Doesn't require batteries as many LED lights.
    * Requires 0.6 Watt - everyone can afford it!
    It’s a tiny palm-sized lamp. You shouldn’t consider it as a light source. In the darkest night you will only see the outlines of the objects that are 30-50cm around. The orange candle-like light is mild and neutral and doesn’t hurt eyes in the dark (that’s why I’ve bought it instead or green and blue ones). I don’t know what the round window on the center is made for. It doesn’t make any light and there is nothing interesting inside that you can see through it. The quality is 4 of 5. The top of the tube was not accurately glued in my item (can be seen on my photo), besides, it is stained with glue and doesn’t look as transparent as the tube. Maybe other items are glued more accurately – I don’t know because I’ve bought just one. The whole body is not disassembleable, no screws, everything is glued, so I don’t know what’s inside and cannot tell if it’s safe or not...
    ...Why I bought it? Because it looks original and cool and I wanted to see it working in real life. And generally, it really looks cool, so if you need a night light not for lightning but for decoration purposes, you can buy it too. The “hairs” inside look orange even during daytime, so you can use it as decoration both in daytime and nighttime, but of course, it looks more attractive in the dark. Also serves as a good beacon if you need to find something in a dark room, but you need a smartly positioned wall outlet because you cannot disjoin the tube from the AC adaptor without damaging it. I think it could be much more useful if the AC adapter and the tube were separate, joined by a 2-meters cable, but in this case it’s just a dream, so you should think where you can use it before buying, because if you only have a power outlet under your computer table, you won’t gain much use out of this lamp.


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