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  • Good quality, works well, excellent to make modifications or DYI outlets

    posted by TheDreammaster

    - Works well as expected.- Relatively easy to set-up.- Really works with any IR signal from various remote controls.- Perfect for DYI ideas on making your own outlets.- Support a broad variety of plugs, almost universal.
    Noting to remark.
    I've bought several ones to make some of my house lights IR driven and works really good. Totally recommended for general use or DYI modifications!.
  • Great light, lots of fun

    posted by syc

    The light changes a wide variety of colours.It's easy to install and the remote works well from a distance.
    The kids love the light. It is great for night time when you want to keep your night vision. I switch it red and feel like a navy seal wandering through my house.
    Great light and a good price. Similar lights sell at my local store for twice the price. Replacement and spare remotes are available.
  • Great for the lazy

    posted by dmogx

    This little device came promptly for my order.
    - does what it is supposed to do (which is allow you to easily program any remote with this device)
    - Despite not reading previous reviews, I was able to easily program the device. It's not rocket science. Manually clicking the button would allow you to turn the device on and off. Therefore, the next logical step would be to attempt to hold onto the button. The little red light would start flickering, with your remote control (any sort, I used my tv remote using a useless button) directed at the device, press your button of choice. Just like that, it will be programmed and will be ready for use!
    -Despite others saying that there was no inscription on whether or not these were for 110v or 220v, mine had 110v hand written on them.
    I like it though. I use it to switch off my lamp in my room for when I want to go to sleep. It's much easier because I don't have to walk over and manually switch the lights off.
    I would definitely suggest getting this If you're lazy like me :P .
  • wireless helper

    posted by elmokono

    This little device can be used anywhere. The idea of putting a few centimeters of wire makes it suitable for any device.I find it useful for lamps, I guess i will open it and embed it inside some place.
    Works with any infrared emitter.
    Could be cheaper, but I does what it say.Be aware to keep the red light visible and reachable by remote controls.
  • This is amazing for decoration

    posted by deccarimp

    Well finished. Beautifull lamp, beautiful even turned off. Modern and inovative.Very functional, so many modes, enought pre defined colors, 3 levels for each one.Remote control works fine, precise, reaches 5 meters on a range of working.
    I really apreciate this light. Amazing effects that surprises everyone. Great for home decoration or businesses purposes. REally grabs the attention.Low consumption: very economic lamp; you may also install several lamps in parallel using a 1,5mm wire.
    I have ordered some more for personal use and as gift for family.The E27 socket is the most comom, you may easily find a place to install this lamp or send as a gift for beloved ones without worries of installation requirements.

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