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ac dc voltage

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ac dc voltage Customers Reviews

  • Good for the price

    posted by llucaxx

    - Fairly cheap
    - Useful
    - Small
    - Light
    I got one just today. It's a little cryptic to use, but very easy.
    As one of the reviews say (with some clarifications):
    * 1. To check the voltage, touch the Direct Test button and connect the tip to the point you want to check, the display will show the voltage range immediately.
    The "Direct Test button" is not really a button, is the metallic spot above the small red led.
    * 2. To identify the wires, touch the Induction / Break-Point Test button, when the wire is detected, a spark sign will show on the display area.
    The "Induction / Break-Point Test button" is not really a button either, is the metallic spot at the top of the device (above the other "button"). And the spark is not really a spark, is more like a flash icon.
    * 3. To check a broken point on a wire, just following the hot wire with spark sign on, when the spark sign disappears, there is a broken point on the wire.
    You have to keep pressing the "Induction / Break-Point Test button" in this test too, the usage for checking a broken point in the wire is the same as the induction test.
    Very limited functionality but it does what is supposed to do. Nice useful item.
  • Solo para electricistas ocasionales

    posted by Frans12

    - Cumple bien la función para la que fue creado y siempre va a ser mejor que un simple tester de los que prenden la lucecita y nada más.- Tiene la función de induction que detecta cables cortados.- Detecta el paso de corriente sin necesidad de tocar la fuente, basta con aproximar el tester.
    No me arriesgaría a usarlo como destornillador, estoy seguro que el plástico que lo recubre no resistiría la menos presión y se partiría.
    Una herramienta útil y barata que los electricistas ocasionales deberían tener a mano en su caja de herramientas.
  • Very good meter.

    posted by lolland

    I only use it for hobby basis and it's very good for that. I love the small size. It is very accurate and the auto-power-off function has saved the battery more times than I care to count. Build quality is very good. The battery last for a long time. It got lots of features I haven't tried (only measured absolute voltage and ohm)
    I wish it could measure current too.
    Cheap and small, good for normal use.
  • nice voltage tester

    posted by Gabbar

    -- does not needs any batteries for power source
    -- line powered, so no worries about power source
    -- lcd screen indicates which voltage is detected
    -- build quality is not that great, very rough built. but that's what you get from a cheap product with all the functionality of the more expensive products.
    -- you just cannot go wrong with this compared to $$ that a retail store wants for something similar.
  • AC/DC Voltage tester

    posted by EmerCom

    Good buildingVery easy & convenient for usingVery big detecting rangeDetects DCCan be used to check continuity of conductorsCan be carried on belt
    A very big problem that I don't know Chineeze maybe I'll learn more functions. But it could be usefull for electricity technicians personnel that work on lines with range of voltages to quickly detect what kind of voltage is in line

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