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If you want to purchase ac charger eu plug, this is your best place to buy it. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. eu plug ac power charger or samsung ac charger eu plug may offer more options for you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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ac charger eu plug Customers Reviews

  • A nice power charger

    posted by Silin48

    Good quality for the materials and well protected. works perfect also with the 2.1 A for my tablet. When I tried to connect two things in parallel the charger continue working without problems. Also if is a tablet and a smartphone.
    It is very easy to use, only plug and connet your set. It is ready to plug in all the european connectors.
    I will recomend it when you need a solution to charge two elements in parallel. It is important to connect correct in the correct hole to evoid destroy it.
  • Good quality for price

    posted by Laurensho

    Charges your phone/tablet well, charges like a normal charger. Cable is quite long, so you can put your phone a fair amount away from the outlet. You can use it as your primary charger, or like me: As a secondairy charger/travel charger.
    Great product for the price, I really recommend it. If you don't use your phone while it is charging, or you don't mind unplugging it, this is the product for you!
  • 18650 charger

    posted by skyflashnl

    Good solid charger. The housing feels solid. The charging time is not too long. The battery is fitting well in the charger. The lenght of the cable is good. The price of the charger is good. I don't think this is a expensivecvharger.
    If you are looking for a good an cheap charger for 1 18650 battery, i think this is a very good option. I have this charger now 6 months and it didn't fail on me. I use the 16850 battery of the brand trustfire (2300) and the combination works well.
    Stop looking and buy this charger (if u need it)!
  • Very good and dependable power supply

    posted by wvdv2002

    Very good power supply to charge different appliances at the same time.Some very good reviews on the internet, should be able to deliver 2,6A maximum. So it is over specification and not underspecced.
    should have indicated which port is suitable for which charging standard
    Buy it, it is stable, dependable and much better than crappy 1 dollar chargers.
  • Great thing for travelers

    posted by dacha111

    - Very useful - can save you a lot of money, space and hassle concerning the different adapters- It solves a problem of basically ALL (seriously, all) combinations of plugs that exist in the world.- Very compact (connectors are retracted inside when not used, thus making it small in size)- Very lightweight (it will not add almost any excess weight to your luggage when you travel)- Very intuitive and easy to use (just turn the ring until you see a connector that suits your needs, as simple as that)- Some of the devices of this kind (with multiple adapters in one) can have bad wiring inside the box, so it can make some short circuits or something, but this one has no problem at all - tested with many devices- Good quality- Cheap
    If you were looking for an adapter that could solve all the problems with adapters in foreign countries, this is it. This device has all of these in one small, lightweight, compact package.
    Very useful product for travelers. It will solve your problems with adapters no matter where you live and where you go, for good.

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