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If you want to purchase ac charger aa, this is your best place to buy it. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. ac power charger or psp ac charger contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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  • Careful charger

    posted by grendizer

    The picture shows other model, i got with lacking 9v sockets. Cheap, noname but packed better than soshine, BTY - in this cheepest model in their line the LED shows when element is fully charged by turning red. Fits all size AA AAA AAAA. Charges NiMH very carefully, even non-rechargeble dead alcaline batteries (try at your own risk). Automatic voltage selector. Strong spring, sturdy made. Can charge 2500 mAh cells.
    Now i mostly use to get to live alcaline elements for low power remotes/clocks.
    Prolongs life of element. Good manufacturer, produces really unique chargers (like universal Li/Ni capable SKU: 14885) and this is their starter model. Not a digital monster but is always in my wall socket.
  • Works like you expect it would

    posted by Teemu79

    To my suprise, this charger also has a discharging function which was useful when I was re-vitalizing some old Ni-Mh battery cells.This is a quick-charger. It has auto-off when charging is complete.
    This charger supposedly works with 12 Vdc input as well. I haven't tried it, but it's nice to have the option if necessary. DC-input seems to be standard 2.1 mm plug.Price is a bit high, but it works well.
    Pretty good, flexible all-purpose charger. You can even charge some non-standard battery cells.
  • universal batritolto

    posted by atti111

    It is a universal charger and feel free to ajalani know who is tobfele batria 26650/18650/18500/17670 and CSA is a Charger and feel free szugsege
    Universal charger eg Batra little cheap plastic material having an affair but it works very well
    Universal charger eg Batra little cheap plastic material having an affair but it works very well with the SSC-sized batrit types can also be charged with
  • does the job

    posted by holender6

    bought 2 SKU156914 these work perfectly together I use it for 9V alkaline batts, which are expensive in my country. I hope they will last me for a couple of years. So main pros:function, price, versatility(A,AA 9V0 and not bigger than necessary)
    in 6 months I'll earn my money back, by not buying alkalines
    Worth buying. I advise to
  • Charges indeed

    posted by PACALHAU

    Can charge all kind of batteries with this one.Good price for a square battery kind charger.
    Look after a good value price: find this as recomended by other shoper.
    Dosnt look nice at first but make what its made for.Check for other chargers at DX and find out expensive ones with same methods but better quality production.


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