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ac adapter Customers Reviews

  • Very easy, works as described

    posted by DiamondEye

    So convenient to have one of these. I have a lot of overhead lights that I don't like, I prefer eye-level lighting, so I have lamps all over, but I hate having to go to each one and flip them on, this makes a great alternative without the need to hire an electrician
    I used to have ones like this where the 'clicker' portion came in the form of a mountable light switch. This may have been patented, I haven't seen them elsewhere. Another though for the manufacturer is that they may wish to consider customers who buy more than one device for the same room, RF frequencies may need to be varied.
    Instant light switch for lamps and other devices. No more crawling around to get to the light. I will be ordering more, no question.
  • Double USB Port White 3 Pin Charger

    posted by Wileest

    Nicely designed, easy to use. Very nice white color like the original apple chargers except the usb ports are on the back of the charger rather than at the bottom. Its easy to use just like any multiple plugs. It has worked magnificently since I started using it. The packing was also very good and nice. Strongly recommend this white double usb charger.
    The usb ports at the back of the charger gives it easy access to the male usb cable ends to insert. Its much easier compared with the outlet at the bottom of the plug.
    It is a very convenient charger as nowadays one normally has more than one device so traveling or charging at home, this charger does the job. It charges up easily both the Samsung and Iphone and ipad mini though I haven't tried my Ipad 2.
  • Handy converter to AU sockets

    posted by AussieSoco01

    Small, easy to use and a great way to convert your 2 prong plugs to the AU style. Will work with flat or round 2 prong (non earthed) plugs.
    Over time these may get a little loose and cause the original plug to fall out slightly.
    These are cheap and very handy to have when buying electrical items from overseas and doesn't matter if it comes with an AU plug or not. This will convert any flat or round 2 pin.
  • Great replacement for Linksys WVC54GCA camera adapter

    posted by johnamst

    - Well essembled and in general pretty good quality it seems.- Not that much to say about just an adapter, but it did the job for which I bought it.
    I have 2 Linksys WVC54GCA camera's and I thought they were both broken. The adapters clearly showed 5V when I measured them. But in the end it was the current (ampere) that was not enough. I look on DX for a replacement and found these. The connector does not fit in the camera itself, but as I had the old broken adapters, I cut off the connector from the old one and then put it on this new adapter.Both Camera's work fine now.
    If you are looking for a replacement for the Linksys WVC54GCA camera adapter, and still have the old adapter with the right connector, then this is the one you want.
  • Works just fine

    posted by Hermanator

    *Charges your battery
    *The USB port works
    *Theres a light which indicates whether or not your battery's fully charged
    *EU adapter works perfectly
    *Does not make sounds, like some chargers do
    The slow charging spead doesn't matter for me, I just plug it in when I come home, and out when I go to bed. I have to batteries for my HTC Desire, and while using one and charging another, I'll never run out of juice. I have two extra large batteriesm and they can last for like 3-4 days.
    On the backside, it says:
    Input: AC100-240V ~50/60Hz 150 mA
    Output: DC4.2V 350+-50mA
    DC5.2V 800mA (USB)
    I think it''s worth the money. I have not opened it and looked inside, like the other guy have, but I like it. I'm not sure if I'd recomment it, but if you're in the same situation like me, I would recommend it. But if you're only going to charge through the USB port, then look somewhere else.

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