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ac adapter converter

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ac adapter converter Customers Reviews

  • It works very nice!

    posted by ngonzaga

    the pack is only a box of paper but the device is made of plastic parts and was very strong and assembled with careful.The contacts are very good too.
    I need a same adapter with more power, maybe if the manufacturer make one with more power with the same design I will buy another one.
    I recommend if you have a light device to run with it.
  • AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    posted by danielaguillar

    it is amazing!!!!!! it really worksss very well!!!!converts perfectly the voltage...as it says....very light weight....can be taken in trips and travels....very usefull...it's made from an excellent material....does not break easily....really strong material....does it's job!!!
    excellent product....I did not imagine that is would be so good as it is....this product is REALLY very small!! almost incredible...I have another old device that does the same thing...it's very heavy and big....
    very good cost-benefiit...buy it and you'll see by your self.
  • Handy tool to have

    posted by mvikman

    Supports SATA and 2.5" & 3.5" IDE HDDs directy, no adapter cables needed.Detachable USB-cable, if the supplied cable lost or isn't long enough, you can use any USB-MiniUSB cable.Basically driver-free operation when using Windows XP or newer operating system.
    I have used it with 1TB HDDs, propably will work with larger ones.I have used it on Windows OS only, so I don't know how it works with Mac OS.The package says the you can connect SATA and IDE HDDs at the same time, but I haven't tested it with two HDDs.
    If you need to transfer files from a broken computer to a new one, then this is the perfect thing to have.
  • Does what it's supposed to do

    posted by sunstriker

    Very easy to use, it's self-explanatory. It can run 2,5" from USB power so you don't need to use the adapter. The build quality is quite good and I'm confident the adapter can survive a fall.
    The USB cable included could be a bit longer. But it's a standard USB mini cable so you could use your own one if you like.
    Good value for this price. You can buy many other adapters for a much higer prices which will do just the same. Maybe if you want speed you could go for the USB 3.0 version. I use it mainly for rescuing hard drives so speed is not an issue.

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