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ac 250v Customers Reviews

  • Quite well made but 10A is too much

    posted by ebpDoug

    Well made for light to medium duty
    The quality of the molded plastic parts is good. The pedal is a bit too flexible (can twist a bit if pressed on one side, rather than centrally), but this does not seem to interfere with operation. This switch is for light to moderate duty operations - not for an industrial application where people wearing heavy boots would use it. The actual switch is single-pole double-throw ("form C"). The cable is soft and flexible and quite firmly clamped to the assembly, though there is no extra flex-protective strain relief. The conductors are too small for ten amperes. I would estimate the conductors to be about 22AWG, so they probably should be limited to about 5 to 7 amps.Even though there are no marked safety agency approvals, this switch probably is safe for AC mains use, given that all parts near the actual switch are plastic.
    quite nice for the price
  • These are really BIG!

    posted by mdutra

    These switches appear to be well built and reliable, but I have not run any kind of tests to verify their ability to handle the specified voltage and current. The lever requires just enough force to change positions, in the sense that it is neither too hard nor too easy to turn it on or off. In addition, the little "on/off" plates that accompany the switches give a nice finishing touch to them.
    These are nice switches if you intend to work with alternating current, but they are too big for your regular direct current projects.
  • Works

    posted by eastmanblues

    Cheap works heats up quickly. Put some new Capacitors in an LCD monitor
    Basic Iron for the price
    If you want a profesional iron spend the money as this not it. If you dont use it very often and is for small jobs this may do the trick in a pinch. Not pro grade but hobby grade. Price is good for a cheap iron.
  • Use it all the time for my electronics work

    posted by kbs1234

    Very excellent price and the build quality is surprisingly good. Plastic is sturdy, holds great in hand, and is very precise with very sharp tip. Heats up normal for 30W iron, desolders and resolders almost anything. A must have for any nowadays repair work.
    My best soldering iron, no competition. Also very cheap. No cons.
    Great for occasional hobbyists like me. I'd recommend a stronger version though. 60W or more, heats up much faster. I also recommend a nice stand for it, like sku.66940
  • Great for hobby or DIY projects

    posted by rokairala

    Small switch with 3 pins, giving the option to close the circuit when the switch is open or closed, improving usability. Sensitive, just a few millimeters are enough to activate the switch. Up to 220V, so no need to use a relay circuit or limit to 5V or 12V projects.
    I'm using as an proximity switch to turn a light on when I open the closet door. Does a great job and was easy to install. Can be used as proximity detector for any DIY project, including Arduino based robots.
    Simple and small proximity switch for 110~220V and a great price.

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