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ac 110v Customers Reviews

  • Very nice product

    posted by Bilbobaker

    These things really work well, very pleasing and warm color.
    Wish they were cheaper but the price here is better than anywhere else for led light bulbs of this quality.
    I bought one to start with and used it for several months to be sure, now I have half a dozen.
    What is really great about these is that you can use them in cold (outside) locations and they don't burn out.
    Can't go wrong.. far superior to the twist fluorescents especially in cold environments when the twist ones fail.
  • Sloppy, but it's cheap and it works

    posted by SirWired

    It does exactly what it is supposed to do: provide an IR remote-controlled power outlet.
    To make this work with a Harmony as part of an activity, (I needed it to control the power for my BR and DVD players), simply create a "dummy" device you don't own (i.e. random LaserDisc player or Tape Deck.) Add it to the activity, and change the power-on order to make sure the IR outlet gets powered on well before your real device. Commit to the remote. Lastly, pull up the device page on the remote for your dummy device, and send the PowerToggle command to the IR outlet while it's in learn mode.
    If there was a solidly made, reasonably priced, UL-Listed alternative to this product, I would buy it. ($15/outlet would be reasonable.) But there isn't, so I had to buy this to solve my particular control problem. (My LG BR player was reading signals meant for my LG DVD player, and vice-versa.)
  • Happiest Christmas

    posted by williamvianna

    The LEDs are bright. The plug is standard in Brazil. Works with 110 VAC 60Hz. Many products are sold and 220V standard plug different from Brazil. I measured the length of the wire with the LEDs and actually has 10 meters. There is a small box with a button that allows the exchange so that the LEDs blink. The small box is very useful because you can make the LEDs flash in a different way. I really liked.
    I plan to ride with my first son for Christmas this year.
    Buy for a happier Christmas.
  • Very easy, works as described

    posted by DiamondEye

    So convenient to have one of these. I have a lot of overhead lights that I don't like, I prefer eye-level lighting, so I have lamps all over, but I hate having to go to each one and flip them on, this makes a great alternative without the need to hire an electrician
    I used to have ones like this where the 'clicker' portion came in the form of a mountable light switch. This may have been patented, I haven't seen them elsewhere. Another though for the manufacturer is that they may wish to consider customers who buy more than one device for the same room, RF frequencies may need to be varied.
    Instant light switch for lamps and other devices. No more crawling around to get to the light. I will be ordering more, no question.
  • LED lights

    posted by skmdias

    Great item, very cheap, bright light, unusual color (pink! :D)All lights came ok, all of them were working just fine!
    I used this inside a wine bottle to make a lamp... Looks great, but there is no off switch... so, i have to take it off the power on the wall.. other than that, none.. I would also love if it had a switch, so it´s easier to find the mode I want.. It´s really just one button and you press it until you find the one you like...
    Loved this, whether for a xmas tree, for decoration or for a lamp!

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