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You will be surprised our best aaa white with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

aaa white Customers Reviews

  • Good quality!

    posted by Tosai

    Extremely good quality!The materials used on this product are very good.The package is simple but gots everything you need, the supports for the bike or helmet also are built with good quality materials!It even came with two Panasonic AAA batteries!
    On the page of this product on DX, it says the batteries are not included on the package, but that's not true!It cames with two Panasonic AAA batteries, included on the product package!Looks great on the helmet.
    Even with the high price, the product is amazing, the best purchase that I made on DX.I'm very impressed with the materials on this gadget.
  • Very good

    posted by sidneydourado

    Device very easy to use, comes with a complete manual and well explanatory.Lightweight and comfortable to use, portable good appearanceAt the Boao precionar HOLD it changes the phone in different ways, like this innovationWatch videos of it in operation
    I liked the product, good size and weight and its graphic function, superior to competingefore
    Recommend the purchase of this product, it is worthwhileNo more to say about the required product
  • Good but not great.

    posted by JSC00

    Good quality materials well crafted aluminum body.Smooth zooming operation.Good quality lens.Good quality emitter.
    Good quality product overall just needs a new regulator circuit to unravel the full potential of the flashlight.Also you should attach the wrist strap with a keychain ring so it wont broke cause of the sharp edges of the wrist strap hole.
    If you are happy with 400-500lm it is a good product the way it is. If you expect to get the 800+lm get a new circuit with it, in example SKU: 162788 (2,8A), or with SKU: 106796 (2A).XM-L T6 emitter can handle up to 3000mA current and produces around 700lm with a 2000mA.
  • Good R5 2xAAA light

    posted by OtakS

    R5 ledNo strobe, My good! I hate strobos3 modes are well done. Medium is good enough, high is high to be powered with 2xAAA and mantin a good runtime. Low is good.Really good finish.Beautifull, it sounds stupid, but is nice.It is more flood tha expected, very good for a little one
    Cons are nothing regarding pros.Really what I expected, even more.Led looks little, but works fine
    R5, 2xAAA, NO STROBO! nice product, buy it
  • Very nice torch, I love it

    posted by apsheronets

    — Small and handy.
    — Very bright for its size.
    — Zooming lens is a very, VERY useful stuff. You'll like it.
    — AAA adapter makes it omnivorous. I use my NiMH AAA batteries to power it, because I'm too lazy to buy 18650.
    — 3 modes is enought for everyone! Fast strobe mode + throw lens position make a great tool to annoy your neighbors.
    — Has a clear beam spot.
    — Nice build quality. I dropped it on concrete in first day — no catastrophic failures, just a hardly visible scratch on the case.
    I used this flashlight just for a few days, but there are no any reviews yet, so I publish my own.
    Very nice as an universal everyday torch. It even better than I expected.

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