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aaa rechargeable bty Customers Reviews

  • Good value!

    posted by draats

    -Very good price.-Works as advertised.-Charge method printed on battery .(9hrs at 100mA / 3hrs at 300mA)
    I use them for my laser light (5mW) and they perform excellent!Quick to charge and they keep working for ages.I recommend these to anyone buying a laser light that needs AAA batteries.
    Buy them if you need AAA rechargable batteries for low-power devices. You won't be dissapointed!For high power devices you might want to buy batteries with a higher mAh rating.
  • It is just as described

    posted by BabaWoo

    It like any other modern rechargeable batteries, charged as opened right out of package. Tested each of them, 1.2 volts. It is well sealed and clean packaged. the size of the batteries is nearly perfect for the type. One of them seems to be little more charged than the others. I would like to use them in many of my devices including LED flashlights and radio.
    I would like to test the capacity and durability in the future but have to create another review to cover the information.
    It is working fine right out of box and I like them.
  • cheap

    posted by Agnius

    --- Great price.--- Looks good.--- Rechargeable

    --- "1350mAh" Ni-MH

    --- Decent capacity.

    --- Really good batteries for that kind of price.

    --- Charges with no problems.

    --- 2-Pack

    --- Has some kind of brand :)
    --- Great batteries.
    --- This is good batteries if you need something cheap but pretty good.

    --- Buy those and You will be satisfied.

    --- I will order more of these.

    --- Buy them.
  • best rechargable batteries I found here

    posted by bbubanja

    Real 900 mAh low discharge batteries. I already have AA version of this batteries, and they are perfect. That was the reason why I bought AAA bateries. First test shows that they will be as good as old batteries I have.
    They are three times cheaper than enelope low discharge batteries, but with equal quality. Price is comparable with standard rechargable batteries, but these are much more powerful and usable.
    If you need AAA low discharge batteries, they are the best you can get for the money.
  • Cheap and may be defective, but works

    posted by burkaygenc

    Works (I guess).
    Small and portable.
    Cheap and useful.
    They recharged my AA and AAA batteries. So I guess they are ok.
    If you need a really cheap battery charger, go for this one but be ready for a defective product.

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