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aaa pack Customers Reviews

  • Ótima

    posted by EduardoBRA

    These batteies are well-built. They work with all the different chargers I have. I am using these in TV remotes, computer mouses, kids toys, clocks and small appliances. Have used them over a year and not one has broken down. The price is amazing – I would be lucky to get 2 batteries for that price around here and this package contains four. The additional box is a nice touch – so much easier to store unused ones.
    uniquely only advise and buy! quality is perfect! This battery will come to you in the shortest possible time and at such a low price! :)
  • Good capacity, good value

    posted by JanvL

    Very good capacity, I use the batteries in my DECT phone. Can talk for hours now with the need for a recharge. I cannot tell anything about lifetime yet but I feel it will be OK. The specified capacity may seem not so high but is real. Most other brands specify too high: e.g. 1200mAh but actually only 600mAh in practice. These ones are really at least 750 mAh. Indicated on my digital charger
    I will certainly order more when needed.
    good value for money, good and real capacity specification
  • It is just as described

    posted by BabaWoo

    It like any other modern rechargeable batteries, charged as opened right out of package. Tested each of them, 1.2 volts. It is well sealed and clean packaged. the size of the batteries is nearly perfect for the type. One of them seems to be little more charged than the others. I would like to use them in many of my devices including LED flashlights and radio.
    I would like to test the capacity and durability in the future but have to create another review to cover the information.
    It is working fine right out of box and I like them.
  • Good value

    posted by yuvk1

    Looks like a genuine product. Quality of batteries and package seem to be very good, and i have no reason to think it is a fake. I did not measure its capacity but it seems to be good and last long enough between recharging for my needs (DECT phone).
    I would be glad if someone would test the capacity - is it indeed 1100mAH - highest for AAA type battery?
    Good product at a reasonable price.Even if capacity is not 1100 but 900 it is still good value.
  • Rechargeable Batteries

    posted by kvinta

    These are very good rechargeable batteries. They do their job perfectly as good as any other AAA batteries. They are standard AAA size batteries, so they will work with anything that uses AAA batteries.
    Cant say how long it takes to charge them, because the phone that they are in is in docking station all the time, so they are almost full each time we need it.
    It’s really nice product for the price, i think there is nothing to be disapointed with. This is a nice replacement for the old batteries, they perform perfectly.

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