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aaa nimh rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • not all equally

    posted by geert1979

    Price/Capacity Ratio
    I've test these batteries with my charger (MH-C9000). After the first Break-In charge they had: 505 / 281 / 635 / 232 mAhThe 2nd cycle they had:712 / 448 / 638 / 396 mAh after some usage they get even a little better(The used discharge rate for the test was quite high for AAA batteries (500mA)
    They are quite OK for me
  • Good deal

    posted by CartDude

    These are low self discharge batteries, so these are useful for long term use, where the product might not be used for some time. This removes the hassle of reloading your batteries when you'll need them. The capacity seems to be what is promised.
    Not the cheapest of reloadables but definitely very useful, because of the low self discharge.
    There are several brands available, this seems to be of good quality so far.
  • Great batteries

    posted by gsrnadeem

    Great one with great price. They worked out of the box.I tried before BTY but they didn't last long. Hope this one would last.Nice that DX evaluate the actual capacity for the battery, where non anywhere do that. This actual capacity analysis helped me to decide to get this one over others.
    Would keep an eye on its lasting. Hoping this would last longer than others, as its actual capacity is 700 which seems good.
    Great batteries and great price. With this price you can't go wrong.


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