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aaa nimh rechargeable

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aaa nimh rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Good batteries

    posted by jcmaco

    I've had these batteries for more than a month and they are excellent. My charger (MH-C9000) tells me that the capacity is between 845-855 mAh.
    When the batteries arrived, I discharged the batteries (at 100 mA) and they had between 520-550 mAh left. So about 60% of their charge. I have not tested the self-discharge rate, but it seems to be acceptable. This is a true "hybrid" Ni-Mh.
    Excellent hybrid ni-mh that arrive pre-charged.
  • Great batteries

    posted by gsrnadeem

    Great one with great price. They worked out of the box.I tried before BTY but they didn't last long. Hope this one would last.Nice that DX evaluate the actual capacity for the battery, where non anywhere do that. This actual capacity analysis helped me to decide to get this one over others.
    Would keep an eye on its lasting. Hoping this would last longer than others, as its actual capacity is 700 which seems good.
    Great batteries and great price. With this price you can't go wrong.
  • I recommend to all.

    posted by x86dx

    Excellent battery cells. Experienced their tester MAHA. Demonstrated capacity of 760-780 mAh. I ordered a set - 4pc. Apply them in walkie-talkie radios for installation works. Enough reserve power for the whole working day.
    Let's see how Gsyuasa Enitime batteries show their capacitance stability over half a year of operation. On first impression - a very decent batteries. Ordered himself another set of AAA and one set of AA.
    Par capacity 750mAH- not much, but honestly!
    Is it possible to reduce the price, leaving a superior quality?
    I recommend to all.

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