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aaa lcd Customers Reviews

  • Great Value

    posted by Joflixen

    Excellent device, Fast and consistent measure time. Great functions other than just measuring distance (measure list, volume, height).Accuracy has been extremely good for the cost comparison to comparable devices in the $400AU range.
    Good build quality, feels solid in the hand. Comes with belt-pouch if you're into that. Display is easy to read and good visibility at wide angles.Being used as a quick & accurate point & measure tool by professional Architects.
    Worth purchasing 3 of these for the price of other 'market leader' laser measure devices.
  • A Must have Tuner!

    posted by Lashman

    - Good quality material. Nice LCD display!- Very easy to use, have chinese and english manual and instructions.- Fit just perfect in my acoustic guitar (Clip-on)- Very strong and safe for flashlights- Can be used as a metronome. You can adjust the beat time!- Can be use in CLip-on Mode or in Mic-mode- Have tone generator- Chromatic, Guitar, Base, Violin, Ukulele modes!- Uses just 2 AAA battery
    Very satisfied with this. Worth the money. I got more than i expected.Works perfect, very easy to use. Tune your instrument anywhere!It's so complete: Tuner/Metronome/Tone generator ALL IN ONE!
    Buy it!
  • Great charger!

    posted by khitrenovich

    The plastic parts of the product look solid and durable. The change indicator is working as expected, clearly showing when the cycle is done and the batteries are fully charged. Does not get hot during charging - just charged two sets of 4 C batteries one after another and the device remained in room temperature after both the first and the second charge.
    Definitely recommended!
  • Good alarmclock for stationary use

    posted by norwegr

    Good size clock to keep at home (not a travel clock).Big number. Easy to read.Easy to set and adjust.Logically in use.Very bright light when you press the light/snooze button.
    There's an automatic back-light feature, which can be turned off. When on, it gives a weak light so that you can see the numbers well in the dark. at normal light conditions there is no illumination, but as it gets dark, the light comes on stronger and stronger, which is a bit backwards. Before the light comes on a bit, it's already too dark to see the numbers at all. When the light comes on at the weakest, you can clearly see the numbers, but it still gets a bit stronger as the room gets darker - Not too strong tho'.But: It would have been much more useful to have a dimmer adapted to the room illumination for the light/snooze-button. There is really no use for the automatic (battery draining) back-lighting, unless you use the clock for something else than an alarm clock (It's no good having the clock lit up while sleeping)Can the manufacurer please change the adaptive lighting so that you don't light up the whole room when pressing the light/snooze button in the dark?
    All in all, still a good alarm clock.
  • Great tool!

    posted by johnixtla

    1) Handheld tester, lightweight and easy to use.2)Works on all international voltages.3) Results are large and easy to read.3) Easily checks polarity, Vd, line impedances, RCD current-to-trip and time-to-trip. I use this now instead of 3 different testers and the price was lowere than all three of them individually. Time will tell on how robust a tool it is, but for now I'm impressed and have trimmed down my testing tool kit substantially.
    Useful functions, manually even comes with some easy to understand instructions on testing tables with expected results, fault conditions and recommended solutions.
    More than worth it at the price. This is a bargain.

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