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  • Batteries good quality

    posted by kozokar

    Batteries pretty good quality. Batteries are included with plastic case, it is very convenient to carry. It's an excellent buy. I've been using them on my remotes and they last as long as other batteries that I own from much more prestigious brand. So yeah if you need batteries and want them cheap, buy these you won't regret it. Being used on remotes they've been lasting about 1 to 2 months between charges.
    I have no way to test the power, if they are 1000mAh.Missing information> is or not pre-recharged.
    Come with a plastic case which is useful for storage and protection of batteriesAll in all, excellent battery life for a little money, and with excellent quality and durability of the battery.And the bottom line is that these are one of the best batteries available at this price range and although they're cheaper than the ones toy might find at your local supermarket, they're as good or even better.
  • baterry holder

    posted by navarro181

    what can i say... it hold batteries i like the colorseems good quality
    if you are going camping buy it, it is good to have some backup batteries
    isn't the best thing but it works---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Very bright, but switch finnicky

    posted by beta34

    Very bright.Uses readily available AAA batteries and battery life is pretty long.
    This thing is ridiculously bright, definitely exceeding 5 mW (close to 12 mW measured with a high end laser power metre). It's a bit too bright to use for presentations if you're standing close to the screen, but the beam is clearly visible at night so it would be good for pointing out stars and the like.
    Bright, maybe too bright for indoor use as a presentation pointer.
  • Great Power

    posted by JerryBoyle

    Very powerful, 1.6 volts
    Great batteries that have extra voltage over alkaline or nimh rechargables, but have to have a special NIZN charger that does not work with any other type of battery charger or mixed batteries, cannot be discharged completely or overcharged, but if properly used and charged can be excellent
    The extra power is nice to have for flashlights or r/c cars, but the batteries can be a bit of a hassle to charge and monitor, and cost more than twice what nimh cost. Worth the extra if used correctly and carefully. Not too sure of longevity, have heard that they don't last too long, not sure haven't had mine long yet
  • Produto barato e bom

    posted by brunopso

    Produto com boa resistencia, durabilidade, aguenta bastante tempo com a bateria, fácil de usar. Gostei e recomendo
    Bom para viagem, curtir muita musica, vc carrega pilhas recarregaveis e usa o dia todo...
    Preço acessível, produto durável, recomendo para todos que fazem caminhada ou viajam...

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