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aaa flashlight mode Customers Reviews

  • The quality flashlight

    posted by gd1galanet

    A quality flashlight (aluminum body, power LED 3w), with a good focus. Useful not only for recreation but also as emergency lighting in case of power failure. Very pleased with the camping, to highlight the table and not to headlamp shine into the eyes of your friends . Used to save the batteries on medium power (enough), but also at full power for a long time before breaking.
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    pleased with the purchase
  • not bad for the price

    posted by defjam

    not very expensive, all aluminum construction. feels pretty sturdy, has crenulated/strike bezel, very bright, "3 modes"
    this is a pretty decent flashlight in my opinion. the 1 watt led is very bright. the last mode with the red blinking leds dont seem very useful to me. this doesnt exactly have 3 modes. its 3 modes are HI, HI, and red blinking leds. other than that it seems like a perfectly good and working led flashlight. the all aluminum body makes it feel very solid. it has a crenulated/strike bezel which is really why i bought it and i feel satisfied with it.
    for 5.40, i cant complain. there were no other reviews on this one so i took a stab in the dark with this one to see how it is. this doesnt have the 3 modes it claims it has, but otherwise, its a functioning flashlight so im happy with this purchase.
  • nice flashlight good deal

    posted by xupdbhv

    compare to similar flashlights at the same price on dx,this one is the best deal that i found while it came with extended tube and protecting pouch.it is compact size,very comfortable to hold it.it has focus zoom action.it has bin Q5 that give ,more lumen than other bins(like p4,q3)at the same current.it has 3 modes which can be used to extend battery runtime.you can use 3xaaa cheap battery or you can use 18650 li-ion battery by adding the extended tube.i measure the current with dmm:with very cheap fresh heavy duty 3xaaa battery i got 600mA that is about 160LM.with good brand of alkaline 3xaaa battery(but not fresh,about 1.51v occ each one)i got about 900mA,so with fresh battery you,probably,will get around 1000mA that it is about 240LM.i was happy that the current didn't pass the 1000mA because more that that will overdrive the led.besides at that two cases you get a decent luminance.using 18650 battery,probably,give more lumen.
    after all it works fine,it has enough lumen and have the possibility to choose the type of the battery. it has been made for bicycle ride purpose,but suitable for all kind of other uses.even though it has some cons and it is look like average quality,it is a good deal.i am recommend to buy it,because at this money,you get more things(like the included accessories,better led bin and ect.) compare to other flashlights at the same price.
  • Excellent

    posted by Zhivoi

    Full metall, tough. Cheap. Adjustable light beam. Small size. High power, bright. Easy to disassemble. Ribbed surface. CREE XML-T6 - the best diode for handlight.
    If the light is subjected to strong shock or impact - it switches modes because of weak mount of battery. If between the battery and the case put a metal nut or something to lock the battery in the same position - all the problems are solved.
    Best quality/price/functional
  • amazing flashlight!

    posted by henry535

    came packaged very wellhas a nice grip, and a strap if you use this outdoorsflashlight is very very very bright!you can zoom or widen the light output. and when zoomed all the way, the light beam goes very far. i would say about 300meters or more.when zoomed all the way in, the light output is very wide,it lights up my whole entire room from the floor
    i brought this with me to a camping trip and everyone was amazed how bright it was, i shined the light straight up in the night sky, and it looked like a spot light.
    good buy for outdoorsmen or people who like very bright flashlights haha

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