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  • Nice looking light, easy to carry around.

    posted by Benji83

    - This is a very small light- Very light and easy to carry- Fits into all the pockets you can find ;)- Strong and sturdy build for such a small thing
    I use this light for installing audio at dark places. because is has a nice flood its easy to illuminate larger areas at tight/close places. Perfect in my case because this is required allot.
    This is a very nice looking light. Good finish and the threads where very smooth in my case. The beamshot is very flooded(not a thrower). This light is perfect for illuminating large areas at close range.
  • Very quality made

    posted by pirusmalus

    Very bright and very wide beam with nice spot. Three modes (Hi, Med, Low), finaly light with no annoying strobo!!! And as I said, very well built, surprisingly quality! Comes with nice metal box, and user manual, good for present. Very strong keyring (one chinese light I lost because of weak keyring)! Warm yellowish color of light.
    I think it has about 70 lumens hi, and 30 lumens mid (compared to mini mag (77 lumens), and solitaire (37 lumens)) - but, it is still tremendous amount of light for such small flashlight!!!
    For this price it is perfect, must have!I still don't tested how long battery last, but think it is not so important. At least there is low mode for battery saving.Higly recommend this light!
  • An OK universal flashlight

    posted by liubartas

    18650 or AAA batteries can be used, it looks OK. It is rather easy to go from square spot to spill. It can tailstand.It is suitable for bicycle riding but you may want to consider other flaslights as it loses light having no reflector.Otherwise an OK/good piece of manufacturing.My light dropped on stones after lanyard broke, which resulted maybe in a couple of small specs on the body but one has really search for them and there was no effect on function.
    It has no hotspot. The spill is even with a couple of ligt rings outside but they are negligable.It has no reflector, so much light is lost when in spot mode.I has, IMHO, a simple plastic lens, no fancy coatings whatsoever.The High mode draws up to 2.05 A (at least - my DMM probably is an average and may not be very accurate). Middle mode is about 0.8A, Low is 0.03 (mostly on my DMM), rarely it can get to 0.14A. I tried to get stable measurement but sometimes it is just brighter than usually.Head does not get hot or even warm after half an hour so it may really not take 2.8A current and/or heatsinking is not that good.It has an O ring at the tail but no on the front.Threads on the tail are pretty shallow and are not square but worked fine for me.
    It is a bright light after my ~5 y. old one, it is good for riding a bicycle if you do not require hotspot or correctly working memmory. Middle mode has OK/satisfacory light levels for riding, and High mode is more comfortable. Low could be used too in darkness but it would force you into rather slow ride. A light with reflector will not be as adjustable but may throw more light and not just absorb it.
  • Good to have one

    posted by parnakas

    Easy to use , just insert batteries and push the knob. Usable as ordinary flashlight or headlamp. Enough brightness, zooming is simple and works ok. Magnifying glass is protected by metal housing so its not cheap plastic which could break easily. Feels secure and firm when straped to head. Would be even greater if it had fixing for bicycle.
    Havent used it very long so dont know yet how batteries last.
    Worth buying
  • Decent little torch

    posted by jacobcarrick

    It has a pretty bright light even when in a lit up room. It has two ON settings: full or strobing. Great, strong build quality. You can really feel solid quality in the metal.
    You have to twist it all the way tight for a strobing light and twist it a little bit less than tight for fully on.
    It's a great product, but it could have been a little cheaper than it was.


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