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aaa cree led Customers Reviews

  • Perfect EDC

    posted by axsdx

    Really good beam, reasonably wide, not too dim, not too bright, and without annoying hotspot.
    Well-made metallic parts, smooth threads. One mode. Clip. Also, it's not glued anywhere and can be easily disassembled.
    Mine came with two pieces of glass stacked together, apparently to compensate for the missing o-ring.
    The only o-ring installed seems to be 11x1.0. My guess is that it needs two more 11x1.0 rings for the body and one 12x1.0 (or maybe 11.5x1.0) for the head; sadly, thin rings like that are hard to find.
    On an unrelated note, I'd like to see a black version of this light.
    Perfect EDC flashlight, despite all the cons. This is the light I carry with me most often.
  • Oh Holy WOW

    posted by stefanj

    Excellent light output. Amazing tight hotspot. Clean lens (sometimes a problem with the UFs) lubed threads. Very cool AAA holder (with a spring loaded contact button) Heavy solid build. Recessed clicky. easy to use 3 mode.
    This is my first multi-mode light and I love this thing- despite the lumens rating falling short of advertised- it is stall freakin bright. The strobe mode is almost sickening with how fast it strobes (well duh) I could see me using that if I was ever attacked (or just use it to piss someone off). High mode is great and reall throws far (over 200 yards by my best guess). Low mode is still freaking bright
    This is one SOLID light- I love it and actually like the easy mode switch. Once again DX has come through with a great product!
  • High quality, 4 batts flashlight

    posted by PiotrMB

    This is truly waterproof flashlight and it has slots for 4 batteries (unlike the most of the flashlights of this type), which adds another ~1Ah - this is a simple thing, but makes the difference in plus. Actually, a huge difference - additional couple of minutes of light.Quality - rock solid, no weak points, no unnecessary, fancy additions - pure functionality.
    Anyone knows how to disassemble the optics? I have a spare Cree XML, but have no idea how to open it without destroying the flashlight.
    I can honestly recommend this flashlight.
  • Surprisingly high quality

    posted by bjorne

    The best build quality I've seen from DX.com itemsReally waterproof, shows no signs of water ingress after 30 minutes submerged.It remembers if it was last on wide or narrow beam.The wide flood mode is ideal for camp site.It does not start on HIGH setting killing and your night vision.
    No three-way over the head strap, but the light does not weigh much, so you can jump around a bit without it falling down in your face.I havent verified the stated run times, but given that is is AAA batteries I assume its not very impressive. But Over all the light does impress with build quality and actual waterproofness.
    I'm pleased with a lightweight light that is waterproof, and has a very good flood mode for the camp site. (less likely to blind everyone else) For extended run time or high light output you probably need something else.
  • Decent cheap headlamp

    posted by lifekidyeaa

    This headlamp produces a good amount of light. It has three settings - high, low, and flash. It does not get hot on high. Battery life is about 2 hours+ on high, maybe 4-5 hours on low. (Low is sufficient for most tasks). It claims IP-something waterproof, but I don't trust it - -the battery cover is not very tight, and will leak if it's raining. That said, they have a nifty red light on the rear battery pack which engages with the front light; this is perfect for biking.
    Straps are not uncomfortable.
    Works fine -- hey, you get what you pay for!


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