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These cool aaa charger ac are high quality and at affordable prices. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. samsung ac charger, laptop ac charger may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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aaa charger ac Customers Reviews

  • Careful charger

    posted by grendizer

    The picture shows other model, i got with lacking 9v sockets. Cheap, noname but packed better than soshine, BTY - in this cheepest model in their line the LED shows when element is fully charged by turning red. Fits all size AA AAA AAAA. Charges NiMH very carefully, even non-rechargeble dead alcaline batteries (try at your own risk). Automatic voltage selector. Strong spring, sturdy made. Can charge 2500 mAh cells.
    Now i mostly use to get to live alcaline elements for low power remotes/clocks.
    Prolongs life of element. Good manufacturer, produces really unique chargers (like universal Li/Ni capable SKU: 14885) and this is their starter model. Not a digital monster but is always in my wall socket.
  • Yes,universal

    posted by VirgilF

    this one is really universal.the only one that not fit in was LiOn 26650.a little modification ,and finally 26650 was charging too.Exactly what I need it.small,just for 1 piece to charge,and universal.there is one led which tells me everything I need.red and green.still charging and charged.The price is the stongest PRO.a good universal charger for this money,i think its hard to find.
    I need it 5 minute to change the plug ,and to made it couple of mm longer for 26650.i am very happy with this charger for 3-4 months.(maybe its half year,i don remember).
    well,there are 2 cons.if you never solderd something n your life,and you live in Europe,than I do not recommend.If you are able to solder 2 wires,than you will be happy with this charger.from my POV, thats a real deal,the price beat even those 2 cons.
  • Very good

    posted by afonsoscarpa

    works very well. The charger works perfectly, besides being fast and beautiful. Accepts AA and AAA batteries, which makes it functional.Besides everything that has LEDs indicate the charge.The batteries are charged enduring long. I'm using a mouse wi-fi.
    Very good. Fast delivery and no problem.The package arrived in perfect condition, the product being well protected against shocks.Besides all, the DX. is always attentive and cares about the arrival of the product.
    Optimal purchase.

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