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aaa batteries lcd

It's very convenient for you to find the aaa batteries lcd you want at our online shop. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Find more hot gadgets at aaa batteries soshine and 1.2v aaa batteries. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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aaa batteries lcd Customers Reviews

  • Good deal!!!

    posted by DokNekroz

    The device has a good LCD display with green light. Low weight and nice functional. The batteries after charging are not very hot - it is very important!The long power cord in box. You can charge 2 size batteries - AA and AAA. Universal input voltage!
    Comfortable ergonomics!
    Great deal, nice display, good quality!
  • Great charger!

    posted by khitrenovich

    The plastic parts of the product look solid and durable. The change indicator is working as expected, clearly showing when the cycle is done and the batteries are fully charged. Does not get hot during charging - just charged two sets of 4 C batteries one after another and the device remained in room temperature after both the first and the second charge.
    Definitely recommended!
  • A great charger that gives you valuable information.

    posted by dxat1150

    It identifies battery type automatically.It tells you everything you want to know about the charging process. Charge %, mAh received, Charge time.
    For the moment i am considering to buy one more because more of my devices have 18650 batteries.Either it will be this model or the bigger brother from Soshine that have the same functions but charges two batteries.
    I like it and i would recommend it to my friends.
  • Better than a multimeter

    posted by bmorey

    I bought this because I couldn't get an accurate indication of battery charge from my multimeter. The device I was using batteries in wouldn't work yet the multimeter showed 1.1 volts so the batteries should have been OK. On re-testing with this item the voltage under load was 0.8v. That's why the device wouldn't work. Testing under load is that way to go.
    Only suitable for 1.5v batteries. No big deal as 1.2v rechargeables can be re-used, obviously. 1.5v batteries must be thrown out when dead.I preferred a tester that is battery powered. Seems to indicate it is more accurate,
    Does the job.
  • Nice & Small

    posted by juraset

    I very appreciate the following features:- size is ok for my jacket pocket. - both possibility of Voltage AC - DC- both possibility of Amps AC - DC - sounded short circuit - reliable and accuracy measuring - auto battery off
    it is useful for cars , home and also professional using in weak current sector.Note that it is not designed for daily usage but if you are careful you can use it many times and many years :)
    very nice and good tool for measuring.

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