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You can easily find the latest low priced aaa batteries 4 offered at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. usb aaa battery, aaa batteries 800mah may be more suitable for you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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aaa batteries 4 Customers Reviews

  • Product Excelent !!!!!

    posted by LHBI

    Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!! Perfect match for batteries sanyo enealop !!! great for charging the batteries for flash !!!!
    Very good !!!! I point out that you can buy this product you will be super happy !!!!!! Excelent !!!!! the product is really excellent, it was what I was looking for !!!!!Bottomline:
    OK !!! Product Excelent !!!!!I have nothing to add, really pleased with the product ...
  • Excellent product

    posted by descartespcb

    I have bought many other rechargeable batteries from Soshine and had no problems. I am currently testing these 1100mAh AAA batteries (AAA rechargeable batteries normally are 900mAh) and had no problems so far. Construction quality is the same of the other batteries made by Soshine, and they come in a simple but nice plastic case.
    I also have the Soshine quick charger (SKU 6152), which I bought some three years ago and it is also very nice.
    If these AAA 1100mAh batteries go down the same path as the other Soshine rechargeable batteriess I have, they will probably last for years.Highly recomendable.
  • Pisen Charger and batteries

    posted by hazna88

    For what I assume is a 4 channel charger, with 4 low self discharge batteries included, I think the price is reasonable.
    The batteries are low self discharge. The ones I have, have markings indicating they were made in feb 2010. I bought them 6 months later and they gave me discharge capacity of: 1716, 1701, 1702, 1680 (on my maha c9000 @ 500mA discharge)
    Its quite light and the wall-wart attachment does make it more portable. I plan on taking with me when I go overseas, as it is more portable than my maha c9000
    Initial thoughts on batteries; seem ok. They are LSD batteries
    Haven't tried the charger, questionable quality, but relatively cheap.
  • Great batteries

    posted by gsrnadeem

    Great one with great price. They worked out of the box.I tried before BTY but they didn't last long. Hope this one would last.Nice that DX evaluate the actual capacity for the battery, where non anywhere do that. This actual capacity analysis helped me to decide to get this one over others.
    Would keep an eye on its lasting. Hoping this would last longer than others, as its actual capacity is 700 which seems good.
    Great batteries and great price. With this price you can't go wrong.
  • Great bargain!

    posted by thebeancounter

    Cheap!! I mean REALLY cheapfor a 4 pack of NiHi. And I beleive these suckers might actually be Low Self Discharge as well. I've charged them once since I got them and it was at least 2 weeks before I actually put them in anything. Regular rechargeables lose about 10% of their stored energy per day, so if you let them sit unused for 2 weeks, they tend to go dead in 10 seconds flat. And these are still powering my digital scale just fine and have been for about a week now.
    Rechargeables are 10-15$ a 4 pack around here. Never mind the 3 weeks to get them, I could buy2 packs or more for what I'd spend on one pack here.
    If you have things that take AAA's, get these babies and don't hesistate to buy a boxful. As far as I know, rechargeables don't go bad sitting on a shelf. Doesn't matter if you don't use them for a year or 2, they will still be good when you do.


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