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aaa 1.2v Customers Reviews

  • Really good batteries

    posted by Hardcore84

    After using these since April, I have to say that these are really good batteries. Well worth their price since it's about 1000mAh in them so the sign doesn't lie. I've used them in my rechargable computer mouse and these ones last 3 times as long and recharges faster then the original ones. Those where 600mAh ones. Also use them in my gaming headset and haven't charged them yet despite using the headset frequently.
    Better to pay a little more and get quality batteries that hold as much charge as they say.
    LonglastingLow shelfdischargeFast charging at least for me in the chargestation for the mouse. 3 hours once every 2 weeks. Also note that then the mouse isn't empty. Old ones was empty after 1 week and had to be charged for 6 hours.
  • nice batteries

    posted by aky101

    nice good priced AAAs give a 30mw laser some considerable power.
    get the 1100mah maxuss batteries ftw
  • This is a great deal!!

    posted by gabaumgartner

    The kit is very useful, it is very easy to use and the “plastic box” to keep safe the battery (AA) is perfect.>> O kit é bem complete e útil, muito fácil de usar e a caixinha plástica para guardar as pilhas é perfeita.
    The charger quality could be a little bit better, but nothing to be worry about… >> A qualidade do carregador poderia ser melhor, mas nada com que se preocupar...
    Nothing to say about this point, comments
  • Good batteries

    posted by codreanulaura15

    The capacity of the batteries is almost 1000 mAh. The price is very good. They can be charged quite quickly on everyday charger.They are good at touch. They do not heat.
    They are not the best batteries ever, but they are the best batteries for this price.
    As a conclusion: the choice that I did is good. The batteries are ok for this price. I recommend it.
  • Very good rechargeable batteries

    posted by Reiperuzzoo

    Very good quality. Hold more time then the others that i had and tested. Good price.
    If you want good quality and good price, go for it. Will be replacing my ond batteries on my cordless handset.
    Good batteries, good price and well built.

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