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aa soshine Customers Reviews

  • Very nice 1 or 2 AA to D adapter

    posted by twilight

    Inexpensive 2AA to D parallel battery adapter.
    I bought a bunch of these somewhere else and I am very happy with them.
    It is less than half the price of other parallel AA to D adapters. It will take 1 or 2 cells. Good value for the money.
  • Soshine AA to Size-C Battery Converter Cases (5-Pa

    posted by ScubaBoy

    allow you to use AA battery which is easier to find and cost saving if using rechargerable battries. No need to have multiple batteries and different chargers.
    I've bought it for my touch lights and is it not giving me any problem.
    It's a great buy. worth to order more. but i only need 4 so i still got 1 more as a spare.
  • A great charger that gives you valuable information.

    posted by dxat1150

    It identifies battery type automatically.It tells you everything you want to know about the charging process. Charge %, mAh received, Charge time.
    For the moment i am considering to buy one more because more of my devices have 18650 batteries.Either it will be this model or the bigger brother from Soshine that have the same functions but charges two batteries.
    I like it and i would recommend it to my friends.
  • Great charger

    posted by Nosken

    Great backlight display. Show information about the charging. 12V Car adapter and USB cable also included. Switches between Lithium and NiMh automatically and the display show what type of battery it is charging. Great that it also charge 9V batteries. It charge batteries fast. A versatile charger since it charges so many different types of batteries.
    Rather long shipping but since the shipping was free I can't really complain... :-)
    A great charger. If I lost it or broke it I would definitely buy a new one.
  • Quality rechargeable batteries!

    posted by Mfox15

    Soshines are not a well-known brand, but they definitely make a pretty good product. The batteries are well made, and they charge up a good amount. They are really affordable! It's a great battery for anything you might need it for. Cameras, videocameras, game systems and controllers, toys, this battery works for everything!
    Long run time and a affordable price is something you don't see often! You should charge them over a couple of hours, and they'll last you quite a few gaming hours if they're for Wii controllers, as they are for us.
    These are great! They are definitely worth the price, and you can't afford to be without reliable batteries this day and age! Buy them! Definitely worth it!

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