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  • Great deal!

    posted by Tramonte

    - Good price for a AA 1.2V 2300mAh rechargeable battery (in my country it problably cost the double, and thats for 1800mAh only);
    - Nice package;
    - It holds the charge quite well.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    - É um bom preço para pilhas AA 1.2V 2300mAh recarregáveis (por aqui pilhas de 1800mAh custam pelo menos o dobro);
    - Embalagem boa;
    - Segura bem a carga.
    I've bought it to use with sku.30606 and I wasn't disappointed.
    *** In Portuguese: ***
    Eu comprei para utilizar junto ao sku.30606 e não me decepcionei.
    It's a good buy.
  • Best battery

    posted by SlavMix

    These are my go to choice for almost all our battery needs. The great thing about these and other low discharge batteries is they hold their charge when just sitting around. Similar to alkaline batteries while most rechargeable batteries are all but flat a month out of the charger. Tested a number of Eneloops after a year of regular use and on average their capacity was 95% of the original capacity or higher. All similarly treated from other brands had lost 10% of their capacity or more.
    The best batteries ive seen.
    Very good! Thank you dx!
  • Battery capacity - 73 % of the declared

    posted by Gagak

    Low price.
    Not suitable for flashlights, but suitable for the GPS-navigators and headlamps.
    The recommended charging current - 700 mAh, the recommended discharging current - 400 mAh with delta V charge control and has temperature and timer protection to eliminate over- and under-charging.
  • exelent battery for wireless phone (Vtech)

    posted by nickname2012

    same as the original but for less money. I replaced with this batteries the original from Vtech wireless phone. Till today ( two month after) have no problem.
    from now on I will not buy the originals any more as this ones are cheaper and do the same function as the originals. I suggest to DX to add in the description of the battery, for with handsets it's suitable.
    recomended as a cheap and effective battery for all kind of wireless phones (AT&T, LG, Vtech, Motorola, etc)
  • Very Powerful Batteries

    posted by Orof83

    -Very very powerful and Strong Batteries.-High and amazing Capacity.-Good Price.-Made by So Shine, a great non-generic company.-Good build quality.-last much longer that normal alkaline batteries.-Fits most of the electronic devices.
    bought the Soshine 2700mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries for the R/C Car i orderd from DX, those battaries should give me alot of play time, but im feeling a bit sorry not buiyng the LSD Battaries.
    Those are Great Batteries, and you get a cat with them!, unless you dont wont to pay more for LSD battaries, they are a grate buy!

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