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These cool aa radio are high quality and at affordable prices. DX offers worldwide free shipping and faster delivery. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

aa radio Customers Reviews

  • Far exceded expectations

    posted by 1234armitt

    This radio is quite simply fantastic. The design in black with chrome aerial and control buttons is very stylish and tasteful. The radio reception and sensitivity is fantastic. It is just small enough to fit into a coat or sports jacket pocket. It is very well built and even comes with USB lead for charging the battery (a BL-5 c rechargeable battery is included! but will also accept 3 standard AA batteries. The on/off switch allows the switching between the battery sources. The plusses just go on and on...
    Incredible radio for the money
    If you want a compact but powerful AM&FM radio then look no further. Most highly recommended
  • S?ary toy

    posted by 11bass

    Paws moves, eyes glows tarantula moves and makes people scream. Can rotating in one place 360 as tank. Fleecy cover on all body make this toy more scary
    Package need to be more durable. Don't give to small children, paws will be off in moment
    toy is only for joke. If needs to scare somebody, it's good choice.
  • Great little shortwave radio!

    posted by VirgaA

    A great radio for those who are starting in the reception of shortwave. Comes with a long wire antenna with ring, especially made to enhance signal reception. This antenna can be replaced by another one, with connector TRS like (P2). The battery lasts enough too, and you can charge it in your computer via USB.
    The buttons are a little delicate, so use it gently. The light when charging ends don't change. If you read the manual, it says that's not safe charge for more than 12 hours continuosly, so use it carefully :)
    I order two more of this radios to my family. I think this little radio is a great companion for listen music during work, study or just to listen to shortwaves! It's an alternative to the hightech devices that draw your attention to the simple and cool things.
  • Degen DE321 DSP radio

    posted by maksmm

    The radio just wonderful. Very compact. A very great assembly. Receiving radio stations are very beautiful. Takes all the stations that are in the air in my area. Thanks DX for a good product and fast delivery.
    Powered by two AA batteries. Can also operate from an external power adapter 5V 150 mA. There is a connector for headphones.
    Definitely recommend buying this radio. I'm very glad I bought it. Money not spent in vain. Shop pleases me a great product and fast delivery. I really hope that it always will be, and if all of a sudden in the future I have any problem with my order, DX will solve them quickly.
  • My Tecsun R-909 arrived!

    posted by JeffySiquijor

    Price is good. Not deaf, SW bands sensitivity is acceptable, numerous signals found on each SW band - given the type of radio it is. Good band-spread due to relatively narrow tuning bands. Seems to be reasonable quality, given what it is.
    Earphone socket is conveniently compatible with common stereo earphones (earbuds) or headphones. Be aware that FM band is mono, *not* stereo. It's just that you don't require mono earphones.
    It's an acceptable Little Cheap Radio. Keep in mind the type of radio it is. No glaring comedy-radio flaws as with other products (like backwards tuning dial).I can't give it five stars because of the class of radio it is. But it's fine. Just don't expect it to compete with a more expensive class of radio.It's nice that DX is selling shortwave radios. Hopefully they can bring in the higher end models for a good price.

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