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  • Good Accu!

    posted by Fuchs

    Excellent quality of manufacture.Excellent design.High quality of packing.
    On packing all inscriptions are fulfilled in English.Raises small doubts the capacity declared by the manufacturer in 3000 mAh, I think, it is approximately equal 2500 mAh, no more. Though, I can be mistaken.
    Excellent accumulators. If accumulators AA are necessary for you, I recommend to gain these.
  • Not the best possible price, but sure usefull!

    posted by GoatSucker

    - It comes in a pack of 3);
    - Different colors;
    - Mounts up like LEGO (lol);
    - Very usefull to hold avulse batteries;
    Build quality is acceptable, but I really think that the price doesn't fit its purpose.
    Mine came in yellow, pink and white. That doesn't really make a difference for me, but I think some people would prefer all white.
    It can hold 4 AA size or 5 AAA's.
    Buy one of this if you don't have any practical place to hold your batteries.
  • Awesome!

    posted by k3bab

    Real great batteries. Their capacity is decent, and I have had no problems with them. They also comes with a little box to store the batteries in when travelling, or just for storage.
    I also bough a few sets of these 1-2 years ago, and they haven't got worse through the time. Still a great deal.I don't have too many battery-eating gadgets, but they eats batteries at least. The transmitter for my RC car needs 8, the flash for my DSLR camera needs 4, and drains them quickly when used a lot, and having a set of 4 extra batteries is never wrong.
    Don't buy one of these. Buy MANY of these!
  • Good Battery

    posted by Argorum

    Cheap recargable batteries. Can be use as you get out of the box. Nice package, avoid transport damages. The first recharge was very quick, i'm waiting for the next but it seems ok.
    Very good deal for a few dollars. Can be used in any recharger. Soported for every device
    Very good batteries for low cost. They can be used in any product like every normal AA battery. I'm looking fordwar to determine if they are for long use or not. Very good performance so far.
  • 3.6V accu pack

    posted by Marcoboot

    Small, easy and for a good price. No other useless stuff.I have used 3 packs (taped together) for a ignition system (for my solid fuel rocket engines). It workt great!
    I have on other thoughts. It was one of the cheapes with 3.7 volt. And with 800mAh i can work great, if not i buy extra.
    if you are looking for this, it's a really must have!! It is a reay small pack, made quite solid.

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