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aa ni Customers Reviews

  • Great for the price!

    posted by norDemoniac

    It's great! I use it with my Kyosho Fazer DTM 2005 Mercedes, and it works absolutely great!
    I have used it for a couple of months, with hours of driving, and still I got 80-90% battery left, so I do think it has over 2000mAh. Not sure if 2600mAh is true though.
    They seem to be a quality product.
    For the price, there's no point looking for other batteries. These deliver! They are absolutely worth the money - thrust me!
    Buy them if you need rechargeable batteries that have alot of capacity for a small price=)
  • Very good and Useful for the price

    posted by BrunoLHCereser

    Charge is too much durable. Serves on any device. Works at 1.5V devices normally. Ideal to use with mouse and keyboard wireless. Ideal for use in remote control cars, video game controls, clocks, radios, flashlights, etc..
    I was very pleased with the purchase of these AA batteries. Work perfectly on all my devices. They last a long time. They charge super fast.
    Time will tell how long they last but just now they seems to be excellent replacement for old 2700 mAh batteries. I might be good option to recommend to buy charger with these.This are not best for high power application like led but works well with cordless mice and keyboard.
  • Awesome product

    posted by marcostw

    I'm very surprised with this product!! Lasts longer than any other batteries I have seen! Not problem at charging them. The price is really good for its quality.
    I bought it to use in my digital camera, which needs 4 AA batteries to work. At first I felt I shouldn't have bought this camera, because of its battery consumption, but after buying these rechargeable batteries, I don't regret anymore! It lasts for a long time!
    If you are thinking about getting rechargeable batteries, get these!! You won't regret!
  • Come precharged and ready to use

    posted by thebeancounter

    Great price for LSD batteries. Seem to be the capacity promised (at least they haven't died in my digital scale yet and my scale literally burns through regular rechargeables like a match to flash paper)
    Damn good buy if they hold up under load. I will soon find out. At least all 4 held a charge and seem to recharge OK as well. No memory problems and so far, no charger errors when charging them.
    Several dollars less than 4 everready brand NiMh (and those aren't even LSD) Good buy if you don't mind the 10-20 days it takes to get to your mailbox from China.
  • BTY 1.2V 3000mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries

    posted by kristaps1603

    They work very well.- Good loading and durability.- Good price and quality.- They last longer than alkaline.- I'm using them in xbox 360 controller and with fully charged batteries, controller works for 5-6 hours, for me its good, because i play max 2-3 hours without cease.
    The external plastic wraped label advises 3OOOmA and, at least, on my tests, it is works about 25OOmA
    These batteries are excellent for controllers


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