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Every single aa cree sipik displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

aa cree sipik Customers Reviews

  • good torch

    posted by jlee45

    -bight torch-cool lantern feature, actually very useful in tent situation-decent ergonomics-nice material and finish-okay weight-takes standard AA battery
    -overall this was an excellent purchase-would definitely buy again if lost or just as an extra-would have been better if push power button was in glow-in-the-dark material
    nice looking torch that performs well and looks good
  • A must have flashlight

    posted by bebeomo

    A very fantastic flashlight: easy to use, easy to put in on a pocket or a bag for a woman, even if it is built in aluminium, it is lightweight and resistant, even if the rain is hard there is no problem and its light is very bright with an incredible range for a little lamp like that. And the zooming mode is appreciable if you need to focus on an object.
    The brightness of the CREE LED must be helpful if your are in dangerous situation, for exemple at night in a street with not really pleasant persons ready to attack you. Put the light in their eyes, they will be forced to close them.
    I'm in love with that tiny lamp. I've got one always in my jacket, one in my nightstand, one in my office and one in my car.
  • Rugged

    posted by mylosol

    Takes one single AA battery which is nice, most flashlights this size want to take 3 AAA which is annoying. Seems very rugged and sturdy! Very BRIGHT - Adjustable beam. Clip is very handy.
    I originally put this flashlight in my pocket with the clip facing out. I found it hard to put my hand in my pocket because of the "protruding" edges of the light. This is not a negative but I'd though I'd mention it if your looking for something to put i a pocket.
    This is so far a great little flashlight, The clip is solid and the flashlight looks and feels rugged in my hand.
  • just AWSOME, insane light

    posted by robinvanesch

    Absolutly awsome flashlight, i orderd this one by mistake, i wanted one with a trustfire cell in it. So i also ordered a other one.When i recieved this i put 1 AA cell in it, and almost made myself blind. INSANE amount of light for only 1.5v. Verry strong case, i have already dropped it several times without problems.
    The button on the back would have been better if it was a harder button, the rubber sometimes needs a bit more pressing. but still for the price it is awsome
    Overal a awsome light, for the price.Worth every cent of it.
  • Handy eye-catching torch

    posted by ALANSAN999

    Looks great, easy to use. Good feature is flexibility to use ordinary AA batteries. Emits plenty of light. Focuses very well. Reasonably priced.
    Movement of focus ring is very metallic and scratchy, indicating that there is no rubber seal, but the light is not claimed to be waterproof. However many lights in this class are at least water resistant.
    Seems to be very dependable, easy to use light, and with its catchy color will be a good kids gift.

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