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  • 2xAA to D battery adaptor

    posted by Manhuawang

    The adaptor does what it says; it allows you to use AA batteries in place of D cells.
    These adaptors let you use AAs in place of D batteries. Seems these come in red and clear, and you might prefer one color over another but I don’t think it really makes a difference.
    These work fine so far, although I don’t have full confidence in the latch.
  • Good for e-cig MODs

    posted by LeeoNardo

    It holds 14500 batteries with no problem. The only modification you have to do is to cut half the spring from the "negative" poles. Other way, the batteries will fit very tight in the box.I'm using this boxes to make 2x14500 e-cig MODs and this boxes makes my life easy.
    I wish they could made this boxes for 18650 batteries, that holds more power.
    Good box for e-cig MODs. As the plastic are fragile, you have to be careful when making the MOD. In the other hand, this "con" makes easy to open holes for the MODs, like the atomizer head.
  • Great external casing for additional power source

    posted by zunke

    Very easy to use.Very practical power source for small electronic components.It has switch which is useful if you don't need "always on" power supply unit.It's under $2 so it's cheap.Build quality is good for price you pay.
    Very useful (in my case I used it as backup power source for LED indicator). Also, I tested this as PSU for laser diode (worked fine).
    Great purchase and great solution for small power supply unit.
  • Average casing, poor wires

    posted by bacila

    * Batteries kept in place and does not fall off when case is closed.* Case cover lock keeps box closed
    Switch/soldering points cover could be fastened with clips or screws and not melted plastic. After I had to opened case for second time I have replaced wires with something more sensible. Case is working perfectly since.
    If some minor soldering works does not scare you, this is average battery case to have 6V power source.
  • Battery box

    posted by VasaX

    Fair price for 3 pieces of different colour.They can be fixed together. It's not useful for me, but somebody could use that (I can imagine if you have 3 of them in backpack, you can clip them together side by side and they will not crash to each other as you go... and so).Very simply, just put there 4AA or 4AAA and 1AA, and you're ready to go.Different colours are great, you can sort batteries by them (charged, uncharged...)
    Great, if you're using this type batteries (photographer, outdoor, camping,...) and you'll need store rechargables or carry them around, this is very useful.
    If you feel you need them, buy. I have third set (two other and this one), Im satisfied, great for storing and carrying my rechargable batteries and spare emergency alcaline batteries.


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