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  • Best AA-C converters

    posted by wks79

    Cheapest I could find but still at the same quality. At the nearest electronics store, they were selling these for around US$2.60 for a pair but I'm getting five here for less than that! It easily converts most AA batteries (alkalines, zinc, rechargeables) into C size batteries which I use in wall clocks.The case is polarity neutral eventhough it has +ve and -ve markings - batteries fit either way but could have shallower contacts that do not reach your device's battery terminals.
    Also works as a substitute wire organizer. I use a spare as a last minute earphone organiser. Can also be used to tag cables temporarily.
    Work as stated very well and no complaints whatsoever.
  • Battery box

    posted by VasaX

    Fair price for 3 pieces of different colour.They can be fixed together. It's not useful for me, but somebody could use that (I can imagine if you have 3 of them in backpack, you can clip them together side by side and they will not crash to each other as you go... and so).Very simply, just put there 4AA or 4AAA and 1AA, and you're ready to go.Different colours are great, you can sort batteries by them (charged, uncharged...)
    Great, if you're using this type batteries (photographer, outdoor, camping,...) and you'll need store rechargables or carry them around, this is very useful.
    If you feel you need them, buy. I have third set (two other and this one), Im satisfied, great for storing and carrying my rechargable batteries and spare emergency alcaline batteries.
  • Use this to hold your batteries.

    posted by Manhuawang

    The plastic material of the case is thick and sturdy. The hinge seems sturdy and closes with a satisfying click.
    There’s a little play with AA batteries in order to also accommodate 9v batteries. If you were a ninja stealth operator where total silence could mean the difference between successful completion of your mission and death at the hands of terrorists this might make a difference to you. If you’re just looking for a battery case this one will do fine.
    Item gets recommended. If you need a case for your AA and 9v batteries this will work fine.
  • Powers Arduino UNO

    posted by LynnCochran

    Provides 9 volt power to my Arduino UNO, when it's not powering another high-current project of mine. The 5.5/2.1mm "barrel" power plug fits Arduinos, with positive in the center of the connector (if the batteries are installed correctly ;) I have not had problems inserting the batteries into this enclosure, but I add the center battery on each side last (and remove it first).
    Price could be a bit lower.
    If you need a 9V battery source to power an Arduino in a standalone project for a long time, this pack will do the work.
  • Nice box to keep batteries on the road

    posted by lakmus

    All the cases can fit either AA or AAA batteries (4 of them).Really useful when you want to take spare batteries for camera (or other devices) on the road.You don't need to worry that the batteries would short circuit while they are nicely boxed in your bag. (Useful especially when you have more expensive rechargable batteries).
    If you need to transport batteries with you out of the package, get one of these to protect them and prevent short circuiting. (+ you don't have to find them lying in the bottom of your bag scratching other stuff)

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