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aa 3000mah Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by ivanseibel

    It is an excellent battery. Keeps the load for a long time without use and loads fast. Do not measure the amperage, but it seems that is lasting well. Had already bought another model, but this is really good.
    Nothing to add, the product is of excellent quality and the price is also very good.
    In conclusion, the product is very good and useful. Would buy again and recommend to all buyers of DX.
  • I expected more from a battery which is supposed to be strong.

    posted by avichay

    Product of a well known company BTY.The batteries come in a convenient package, so if you buy several sets of for replacement, you can keep the ones not used in the container.
    This is not the first time I had to throw rechargeable batteries into the trash, so it's not just a disease of this brand.I do not see a difference between the batteries and the batteries of 3000mAh or even 2300mAh 2700mAh, so if there is a significant difference in price, it could be a consideration to buy the cheapest.
    I expected more from a battery which is supposed to be strong.
  • BTY 1.2V 3000mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Batteries

    posted by KrisMass

    Bought 2 pairs, used them with digital camera Olympus SP-510UZ, had to use it for three weeks to empty them and recharge again... with use of flash and video recording for 15min, recorded video for several times, around 1h total, just wanted to empty them but that's not so easy. Used regular white Sanyo charger, without time limit on charge, left them for a several hours for 1st charge, will keep'em charge that way. These batteries are the best! 2pair more ordered!
    Could be an option with "smart" charger if possible.
    These batteries coudn't be better.
  • Very good price

    posted by jdaldea

    - 3000mAh- Very powerfull- I´ll recomend it for all purposes- Load very fast and not lose power fast
    - If you are looking for professional products this is one of them- The shipment came to me about 15 days- You can hardly find another product with such good features for a lower price
    - Replacement or backup battery for camera, toy, remote controller, alarm clock, flashlight, doorbell, etc.- Can be used in multiple ways- Rechargeable Replacement 1.2V 3000mAh AA NiMH
  • Great batteries

    posted by amish

    Really cheap comparing to similar ones in local stores. Works great everywhere where I use them. Although they aren‘t really 3000mAh, so it could cost a little bit less. They‘re performing really good compared to some cheap non-rechargable batteries.
    Works fine in my Olympus camera, mouse and flashlight. Of course can‘t be compared to some well known brand non-rechargable ones, but that‘s the price you pay :)
    Thinking about ordering more of these.

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