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  • Good choice for this price

    posted by Gnusmas

    I've searched for quality NiMh batteries to use in my flash. Didn't want to buy very cheap, didn't want to buy too expensive. So I tried this SKU and I'm completely satisfied. The assembly quality is good. Batteries look accurate. I tested the capacity with my smart charger and it was about 1950 (very good). I don't know about self-discharge of this batteries, so I can't say anything about it. I use them often and they work good.
    I prefer do not use similar packs of batteries, so it's always pleasantly to find good quality one. ;)
    Good middle price (closer to cheap) NiMh batteries. Good choice for this price.
  • Quality rechargeable batteries!

    posted by Mfox15

    Soshines are not a well-known brand, but they definitely make a pretty good product. The batteries are well made, and they charge up a good amount. They are really affordable! It's a great battery for anything you might need it for. Cameras, videocameras, game systems and controllers, toys, this battery works for everything!
    Long run time and a affordable price is something you don't see often! You should charge them over a couple of hours, and they'll last you quite a few gaming hours if they're for Wii controllers, as they are for us.
    These are great! They are definitely worth the price, and you can't afford to be without reliable batteries this day and age! Buy them! Definitely worth it!
  • Battery capacity - 75 % of the declared

    posted by Gagak

    Low price.
    Not suitable for flashlights, but suitable for the GPS-navigators and headlamps.
    The recommended charging current - 700 mAh, the recommended discharging current - 400 mAh with delta V charge control and has temperature and timer protection to eliminate over- and under-charging.
  • Best battery

    posted by SlavMix

    These are my go to choice for almost all our battery needs. The great thing about these and other low discharge batteries is they hold their charge when just sitting around. Similar to alkaline batteries while most rechargeable batteries are all but flat a month out of the charger. Tested a number of Eneloops after a year of regular use and on average their capacity was 95% of the original capacity or higher. All similarly treated from other brands had lost 10% of their capacity or more.
    The best batteries ive seen.
    Very good! Thank you dx!
  • Excellent batteries, great price

    posted by sassykitty101

    + Cheap!+ It has near the 2500mAh of capacity as advertised!+ They came precharged+ Seems to be real LSD technology (hold the charge very well) + They appear good looking (labeling)+ Can feed high currents+ The cheapest x4 pack of AA LSD NiMh batteries sold here (among the quality ones)Bought these not expecting much. I must say I'm pleasantly surprised, I charged these to use with my camera about one month ago, and so far have not had to recharge them and I used my camera allot over the holidays so I am really surprised.
    These batteries have completely lived up to my expectations so far. Excellent product.I conclude saying that these batteries worth the price. 100% recommended!
    I love these batteries as I have wasted so much money on other rechargeable batteries and after a while you just get tired of paying so much for something that does not last and are always having to recharge them every time you use them.


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