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9v rechargeable battery

Buy quality 9v rechargeable battery at our online store at low prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at 3.6v rechargeable battery and iphone rechargeable battery. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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9v rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Good lifetime

    posted by BoxterSS

    This type is commonly used in pocket radios, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, guitar effect units, electro-acoustic guitars and radio-controlled vehicle controllers. They are also used as backup power to keep the time in certain electronic clocks.
    They all have a rectangular shape; the dimensions are height 48.5 mm, length 26.5 mm, width 17.5 mm (or 1.9"x1.0"x0.68"). Both terminals are at one end and their centres are 12.7 mm apart.
    I reccomend this item who have things who use 9v batteries,because is expensive to use non recharable batteries
  • Great 9V Batteries!

    posted by Pace1

    Great replacement battery for devices that eat alkaline 9V batteries! Seems to be more than other normal 8.4V in the 9V case. Peek voltage after charge is 9.8V! Resting for half a month unused voltage is 9.06V!
    Only charge these at a SLOW rate (17-21mA)! A fast charge may cause bursting. Battery states, "Standard charge 27 hours at 17mA".
    Might be 9.6V rather than 8.4V cells????
    Great for those who are tired of Alkaline 9V battery prices! It's time to go GREEN! Save money and save our environment!
  • Low 8.4V nominal good looking battery

    posted by Kilinich

    Good looking, useful case, proper size and clips, good capacity.
    It comes from box with 7.5v charge and after ~4 hours of charging voltage became 8.4 (it's full I believe).I expect it gives 9+ v.I buy it for paintball marker (gog extcy) but it will not work well. It's great solution for valken v-max loader so I will use it there.
    Can be used in devices with no hard requirement for voltage.
  • Inside a piece of iron so it is so heavy))))

    posted by tolyan21

    Real capacity 390mAh (at current 100mA). I have Soshine 500mAh (470 actually at current 100mA) and this battery. This heavier but the capacity is less than Soshine. I decided that it NiMg and disassembled. And what do I see? 2 li-ion elements and the same dimensions as one item a piece of iron.
    Soshine better and easier.
    Inside a piece of iron so it is so heavy))))Li-on 390mAh
  • Not so good...but who cares, look at price!

    posted by MantiCore

    Price, actually. "Brand" is more than $10. Works OK, no heat or exploding.
    This type batteries are used in places which should have 7-9 volts and very few ampers. And it's no matter - 260 mAh you have, 200 or even 100. You buy 2 of them, buy charger and change. It's enough for week or two even during heavy use.
    Good alternative for expensive brands. Recommend to buy 2-pack and charger. There are cool chargers 9V/AA/AAA

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