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You can buy cheap 9g servo from us. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.

9g servo Customers Reviews

  • Servo with decnet quality

    posted by luotonen

    Item is as promised, cheap, does what is described in a specification.
    To having bit higher quality standard this would be bestselling item but naturally then price can’t anymore be as attractive.
    You can’t get high standard servo with this money but you get servo which can be used in second priority applications like at camera controls or some robotic applications where servo damage is not killing whole device. So as long your devices life is not depending this servo its does work as specified.
  • It's right choice for the foamies

    posted by Radiomix2000

    I put "5" to price rating, because of free shipping. it's cheap, full analog of HTX900, no any differents.
    Accuracy is also ok. Some people on hobbycity.com wrote, that it's not ok, but I just tested it - works fine.
    Ease of use - put "5", no comments, who knows, that understands.
    Build quality is ecxellent, I didn't find any design errors.
    Yes, gear is from plastic, but it's not design error. It's compromise between weight and reliability.
    Usefullnes - no comments.
    For the parkflyers - these servos are ideal I think.
  • exaclty same as 9g solo but cheaper

    posted by ghostalex

    This is absolutely the right price for servos. Theses are useful servos responding under 0.8sec for 60degrees, lifting near 1.4kg. I use dozens of it on robotics projetcs and actionners, they do the job exactly as well as other "good brand" servos
    if the spec suits your project, just buy thoses to have spares
    will place another order with 3+ and save more
  • Great and cheap mini servo

    posted by SamiVakkuri

    Great and cheap mini servo which can be easily modified to 360 degree servo (by opening gearbox, and cutting drive gear plastic stoppers and drilling the potentiometer locking from gear). All 10 ordered works well.
    Not the strongest mini servo in the world. But that 1,3kg/cm torgue tells it already? Great for everything where you don't need force! (I tried to make mini-robo-arm, but.... well, it's not products fault...)
    If you need small and not-so-strong servo with cheap price, this is it.

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