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925 silver necklace

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925 silver necklace Customers Reviews

  • Dolphin Necklace

    posted by LukeB0XX

    Its cheap first of all, so what can you expect! I bought a whole pile of different necklaces from DX as gifts for people i know just for fun. This one I gave to my friends little sister thats in about grade 4 or 5 im not sure. She seemed pretty happy about it. They look very nice!
    A good idea would to be have it in different sizes or at least have it able to change the length of it because im sure smaller kids will probably like this necklace more than other people (i.e Adults, teens might think there ok i guess)
    Its extremely good for how much it costs, great little gift! Built very well but well wear out in a while I can see clearly. Its great for a little gift, heck maybe even buy some and put them in a stocking for Christmas. made the person i gave it to very happy, THANKS DX!
  • Nice necklace for a turtle-lover!

    posted by JoshL

    Awesome necklace for a turtle-lover! The head and legs and tail are all moveable. This is a very nice looking piece. All stones looked nice and were securely fastened to the mounts.
    I bought this as a gift for my Sister-in-law since she collects turtles. She was very happy with this necklace. This looks like a much more expensive piece of jewelry than it really is.
  • Perfect for a little princess

    posted by WackerHacker

    For the price I was amassed at how good it looked. I had gotten it for my little princess for Christmas. My girlfriend got a little upset that I didn't get one for her too.
    It is one of the things from here that I am very pleased with. I didn't expect it to look as good as the photo but it really dose look that good.
    For a little princess it's the perfect gift. Maybe a good idea to get one for the big princess too.
  • Great as a Daily Wear

    posted by LydKch

    Simple and stylish, the Starfish Pendant and Necklace set is perfect for everyday wear since it is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The Starfish pendant is solid and smooth, fashioned like a natural leaping starfish – it will be easy to maintain since there are no crevices that will allow dirt or grease which may tarnish the pendant. On the other hand, the twirl designed necklace carries a subtle glitter and can be worn on its own without any pendant.
    The twirling necklace reminds me of waves; pairing it with the Starfish pendant gave it a harmonized theme.
    This is definitely a great buy if you are into silver jewelry.
  • A Timeless Classic Design

    posted by LydKch

    Adequate for both formal and casual every day wear with the right length and weight for the necklace to fall nicely over the collar bone.
    The silver beads are evenly distributed around the whole necklace unlike the DX pictures that has the beads mostly in front and none towards the clasp. There is also no extended chain so you cannot adjust the length of wear.
    The earlier stock may have an extended chain but the silver beads are not evenly distributed throughout the necklace. I like the current stock as it looks more like an expensive piece of jewelry without the extended chain which is found on most cheap accessories.

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