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925 necklace Customers Reviews

  • Beautiful neat adornment

    posted by shiva16

    Interesting modern design of jewelry,beautiful twisted hack chain,accurate workmanship,low price,wonderful crystals playing on light
    Looking at the picture was somewhat difficult to determine the true proportions of the pendant, but despite of it I decided to buy it and do not regret for it
    The impression of jewelry is exclusively positive. It is beautiful well-made pendant, I'm very pleased with the low price. I bought it as a gift to my mother and she was very pleased to have this pendant and appreciated deeply it.
  • Great as a Daily Wear

    posted by LydKch

    Simple and stylish, the Starfish Pendant and Necklace set is perfect for everyday wear since it is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The Starfish pendant is solid and smooth, fashioned like a natural leaping starfish – it will be easy to maintain since there are no crevices that will allow dirt or grease which may tarnish the pendant. On the other hand, the twirl designed necklace carries a subtle glitter and can be worn on its own without any pendant.
    The twirling necklace reminds me of waves; pairing it with the Starfish pendant gave it a harmonized theme.
    This is definitely a great buy if you are into silver jewelry.
  • Small but beauty

    posted by Laimh

    I have not had more of a product in a whole day. However, the product is wort the money. This is a necklace that is quite small, but clean, and people notice it. It's nothing big, so it's a nice gift for a little girl to a young girls or older women.The necklace is very pretty and sturdy. . and the stones on the necklace is quite niceThe stone is a bit small, but for this it provides a neutral and muted bent, which allows us to use it for both everyday or at parties
    The stone is a bit small, but this is both a pros and cons
    Perfect gift for themselves or others regardless of age. It is both lovely and light and can be used to own everything.
  • Nice & Delicate

    posted by hesitating

    It is a very nice and delicate necklace , it goes well with the pair of earrings I have ordered.It is rather short, but is is also a pro, as it sits beautifully on the neck, even when wearing a blouse with a streamlines neck.The little "pipes" in different width add interest to the product.The tag says 925 silver, it is probably true.
    I am very pleased with the product
    When worn with the earrings as a set, it is very nice.
  • Good product and good gift for all women

    posted by uilhao

    Good product, the material is well and fits correctly. Shine a lot and is cute. Good gift to girl or woman. I buy to my wife and she loves the necklace. Lots of people are using this, she says. And its really difficult to buy in stores here in Brazil.
    Good product for the price. I really satisfied with that. It's a very original gift and really beautiful necklace.
    All recommended to buy!

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