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900mah battery

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900mah battery Customers Reviews

  • Works well

    posted by LamKaYau

    Cheap and functioning. Qaulity seems to be very good. It fits perfectly in the Samsung DV300 Camera
    The OEM battery is about $30. I bought 2 of these and is only about $11. Both batteries work fine. I have not tested on long-term usage, but at this price I'll treat them as emergency backup when my original runs out of charge.
    Very good batteries for the price. Our local stores here do not carry the OEM battery. When I bought the camera, battery replacement is my main concern. But now with 2 functioning spares, I have no more worries.
  • Excellent batteries

    posted by niccolass

    Excellent AAA batteries (2 pcs), which you can use in any device that support this type of batteries. These batteries are very good quality. I don't know is it really 900 mAh, but the batteries lasts very long. They don't loose power after some time. They keep their capacity.
    Batteries looks very nice, but it is not so important when they are inside the device.
    I recommend these batteries. It is very cheap and good quality.
  • Takes the place of 2 AA in Xbox

    posted by damilkman

    Cheaper than buying Alk batteries. No more batteries in the trash. Keep charged cell close when one dies during game play. Back in business quick.
    In replacing AA batteries, a dummy is needed for the empty slot. With the slightly higher current from the single cell, the button ring stays on even when powered down. In my opinion is kinda cool.
    Lipo is cleaner and better. I try use them in place of mercury/alkaline that litter and contaminate.
  • Battery worth to buy

    posted by hygis

    +Battery was for a good price also comparing with other options+High capacity enough to use camera for a lot of pictures
    Capacity of the battery decrease in time. But two years is a short period therefor I put three stars for the quality
    I will try to buy another one - but assuming I will not get any comparable for such a good price, I will buy this battery again if available
  • Good quality product.

    posted by Znappi

    Good battery for medium 3d depron rc planes. low weight and good connections. Cables are long and seems like good quality.Able to fly 6-7 minutes of 3d with my 300grams depron 80cm plane. Using 30A ESC (from DX aswell)
    Will highly recomment these! and infact im buying 2 more allready for some added flight time.When the wheather allows it i will have 4 of these ready to go, and nearly half an hour of flighttime which is quite good.
    All in all, perfect buy for any rc aircraft.

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