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900lm flashlight Customers Reviews

  • A nice zoom torch

    posted by crazyau

    This torch has a good light that zooms easy with your thumb from spot to spread.The size is comfortable in the pocket and the modes allow you to dim the light so as to be not so blinding in close areas.
    the 18650 battery is loose in the torch, but it doesn't seem to effect operation.
    Quite a durable torch and worth the money.i use it every day at work, it is always in my pocket.just have another battery charged and ready to go all the time.I would buy another one if needed.
  • Unrealistically bright flashlight

    posted by Vystrel

    Very very bright light. Lighting angle changes conveniently. Very well that provided a three brightness modes (Bright - medium - low). If you use a flashlight for smaller jobs, the low is the best mode because it does not blind the eyes.
    Yesterday, I and my son did the test. The brightness is almost the same as that of the automobile headlights (low beam mode). Flashlight we used the projector and showed the "cartoons" on the wall of a tall building. I am the light, and my son was doing funny hand shadow. At a distance of about 100 meters was visible as well as in the theater.
    If you want to get 100% cool flashlight, then buy it, but the lens must be sealed.
  • Geocacher's delight!

    posted by bkeys

    - Looks very nice from almost all sides- Inexpensive (less than 14 Euros)- Flood-to-throw zoom works even one-handed- Clip *and* strap- Doesn't roll off
    This flashlight is no replacement for the Fenix LD40 I've been using for Geocaching - but it's a very nice addition, given its large flood range.I'd like it even more if the clicky switch worked the modes the other way round, but I got used to it.I don't have access to any measuring equipment, but the brightness seems to be rather in the ~500 lm range - which is still a lot, and enough for almost every use case.Since the chip is rather large the beam cannot be focused to a single point by the lens (in throw mode, the spot is about 10 times the area compared with the Fenix), and the flood mode is a bit inhomogeneous due to the lack of reflector - but I guess the whole design is close to the maximum possible in this price range.
    There's little a geocacher can do wrong with this flashlight - for the price of two 18650 cells you get a lot of performance, and it looks sexy!

    posted by vambreace

    powerful and very bright. acceptable thrower with good side split. the focused beam can reach like 250 or 300 meters. after 15 minutes if barely get warm. good for the price has a decent rum time in 50% output mode
    on the five modes are only tree useful the rest is a waste of engineering. mode output 1-100%, mode 2-50%, 3-25% and the strobe and sos. skip them i don't see any use
    good for the price. some bulky! you can't carry in a pocket but for the light output the size is acceptable. you can go with him in a back pack or in your car
  • Very good and cheap flashlight

    posted by A7773

    Made of aluminum so it's lightweight but still sturdy enough. Uses 18650's, and I have many of them. Power button glows in dark.
    I'm using it every day and I love it after my 150lm flashlight with zoom. I don't know is it really 900lm but still it is bright enough for me.
    Nice and cheap flashlight! I would recommend to buy this. It is so cheap that you can just buy it and try it, you don't lose much if you don't like it.

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