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These cool 900 lumen are high quality and at affordable prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.

900 lumen Customers Reviews

  • Value for money

    posted by oberinspektor

    very good 1 mode lamp.
    extremely bright.
    good built.
    last about 2 hours on fully charged 2400 mah battery on nonstop use.
    very good throw.
    very good lamp for the money very bright , one of the best out there 1 16850 based.
    1 mode lamp..no shit with bullshit modes you dont need, on and off. just check it wenn you get in the mail for loose connections en lube it a bit and go!
    packaging here on dx has to be improved!! mine was damaged on arrival!!. stupid bubblewrap.
    if you buy it think that all 18650 battery types other than the 2400 type wont fit without a selfmade spacer. but this light is really worth the money. no money wasted!
  • Really Nice

    posted by kevmeister

    Really nice module. Very bright and modes work good. Gives a really nice, tight hotspot and a decent spill.I have put it in a divelight and its very good for signalling and technical diving. Penetrates the water very well.
    It would be nice if you made a single mode version that can go up to 18v.
    Very good module for divelight applications. I have put is in an old Custom Divers ST1 head and i really like it and even more than my 10w hid Halcyon Explorer.
  • Good think

    posted by ingvargoncharov

    It is LED projector! low power consumption. Good luminous flux.Easy to install.
    I live in Russia - it on, a cold country. Projector is connected about one month ago, outside. The air temperature outside from -10 to +10 (this month, March)When the temperature is below +5 there are problems.After you turn it on, more than 10 minutes, LED blinking.Flashing time more when the temperature is lowerI think it on, the reason in power LED at low temperatures. The controller gives the wrong (too little) tension.
    I Like this thing! Maybe I will have problems next winter when the temperature is -25Recommend this projector.I hope the problem works in cold weather will be resolved soon constructors!
  • Great narrow beamed bike lamp after a small tweaking

    posted by macgywer

    Lamp unit has a very rugged body and light is bright enought. Price is excellent.
    With some self-re-engineering great headlamp if you don't need wider beam. Definetely worth the extra work and it's price.
  • small but that makes it ideal for every day use

    posted by hobertshof

    It is small but very sturdy. Gives a lot of light with the xml.Fits easily in any pocket. Regarding the price its a flashlight that you want to have stand by for safety reasons. In your car, in a cupboard in your bedroom or somewhere near the backdoor in case of emergency (power outage e.g.)I like the option to go through the modes bij semi-click, fast.
    It makes a nice present to your friends who have no experience with ledflaslights. They will love it.
    have one or two around in your house just in case you need it and the "big" one (that you should have too of course) is somewhere stored

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