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900 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Bright but Hot

    posted by TrekR9

    2800mA output gives bright enough for mountain bike (downhill). it's much brighter than other 900Lm. Flood type beam works perfect for biking.
    Ordered 3 more, one more for me and 2 for my bike buddy for night downhill bike.
    good finish but i got a wrong one. The cable connection was broken, but it was easy to fix anyway.
  • "If you were stranded on a desert island..."

    posted by Aflipz

    Impressive brightness, good spot, good spill. Always impresses. Lower output mode means long runtime and cool operation. Seems water resistant. It has the power of larger headed 18650 lights, but the portability of a CR123A thanks to it's slender cylindrical design. It has proven to be very durable.
    It could probably be designed to be made even shorter and lighter. A zooming lens would be great too.
    Great light, I ordered another as a gift.
  • Let there be light

    posted by Kapiiitan

    - really bright flashlight! i can see clearly for at least 150 mts. I don't need to see further, or at least i can't so it's perfect. - It feels like if costs at least $100, and classy. - Light, even when is big for being carried on your pocket, it's light. Use it on a belt holster.
    - You need to get some unprotected batteries, most of the ones with protection circuit won't work on this. I would love if this could have a longer battery duration, 1 hour is too few. Also i would like to know about spare parts, since the switch can die suddenly
    - I am happy with this purchase. Recommended, but keep in mind you'll have to solve some minor issues before use.
  • Small, bright and well made

    posted by littlegiant

    Well made body. Really small and light weight.Current draw: 2.1A (high) at tail cap with freshly charged batteries. Did not test current draw at LED.Significantly brighter than my 2 cell P7 trustfire led with 2.3A current draw at LED.
    Uniquefire HS-802 out throws this. Hot spot is around 5 to 6 times bigger than the HS-802 at around 1m. Similar to the Aurora SH-44 but at almost half the price. I tried the reflector of the HS-802 on the XM-L led and the hot spot is much tighter and brighter.
    You won't regret buying this.
  • Value for money

    posted by oberinspektor

    very good 1 mode lamp.
    extremely bright.
    good built.
    last about 2 hours on fully charged 2400 mah battery on nonstop use.
    very good throw.
    very good lamp for the money very bright , one of the best out there 1 16850 based.
    1 mode lamp..no shit with bullshit modes you dont need, on and off. just check it wenn you get in the mail for loose connections en lube it a bit and go!
    packaging here on dx has to be improved!! mine was damaged on arrival!!. stupid bubblewrap.
    if you buy it think that all 18650 battery types other than the 2400 type wont fit without a selfmade spacer. but this light is really worth the money. no money wasted!


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