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900 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Good monster

    posted by mek203

    This is the most bright one I have ever had. I have 8 led flash lighters most of them is P7 d, mce M-bin and xml t6. This one is the most brighter than any others. I can use more than 1 and half hours but it was all right even a bit loose of brightness. Good thrower light.
    If this one have a bit wide reflecter, it can be better and If I have both OP and SMO reflecters, then it can be perfect.
    This is much brighter than P7 and a bit brighter than mce-m-bin. If you need just bright led flash lighter with perfect thrower, you need this one.
  • Great light

    posted by Jaaap

    This is a great little light, and the best flashlight i have at the moment.Most SSC P7 and Cree XM-L lights have a head that is much bigger/wider than the rest if the body (which is slightly wider than the 18650 battery).This light's head is the same size as the rest of the body which means it is pretty comfortable to carry in the back pocket of your jeans.The light output is great. I would guess it it about 1.5x as much as your average SSC P7 light.It has 3 modes: Hi, Low, Strobe. To me, 2 modes (Hi and Low) would be optimal but i guess if i'm ever stranded in the desert i can use the strobe to attract airplanes ;-)
    The size of this light is exactly perfect.I would advise you not to buy a light with a bigger head.
    Buy this light.No really, buy it.Right now the Cree XM-L is the best LED you can buy and this is the best flashlight to hold it.
  • One Awsome flashlight

    posted by frodev

    This flashlight is awsome, the light output is fenomenal! power went out the other day, and even on lowest strenght the flashlight was more than enough to light up the rooms.Battery life is about the same as specified.Build quality is solid and sturdy.The clicky-button at the bottom has a nice feel to it.
    could be used for bludgening.
    Amazing flashlight for 30 bucks(price at the time I bought it). Good quality, GREAT light, little top heavy, but is comfy to use.
  • Value for money

    posted by oberinspektor

    very good 1 mode lamp.
    extremely bright.
    good built.
    last about 2 hours on fully charged 2400 mah battery on nonstop use.
    very good throw.
    very good lamp for the money very bright , one of the best out there 1 16850 based.
    1 mode lamp..no shit with bullshit modes you dont need, on and off. just check it wenn you get in the mail for loose connections en lube it a bit and go!
    packaging here on dx has to be improved!! mine was damaged on arrival!!. stupid bubblewrap.
    if you buy it think that all 18650 battery types other than the 2400 type wont fit without a selfmade spacer. but this light is really worth the money. no money wasted!
  • cool light to blind people with

    posted by abstractor

    i like the light. much brighter than the others and looks cool too. Good thrower, well the best II have.
    I agree with the other reviewer that says
    "Top quality light from DX. This is probably the best I've bought yet through DX, both in terms of brightness and also overall quality. Durability of components remains to be seen"
    get one, have fun
    burn in hell


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