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9 smd led Customers Reviews

  • Good for boats

    posted by PedroAbreu100

    Very nice warm white light.Low consumption, regardind the normal festoon lights.The light is warm, good for interior usage
    In boats this is good because its warm (about 3000K) and have a good luminance. A good replacement to the festoon lamps (5w or 10W), so 417ma or 833mA. I used in a 80's sailboat.This product have 100mA of consumtion and is light is stronger than normal 10W festoon lights.
    A good product, a little bit expensive.
  • Very bright light, worth the money!

    posted by EasonLau

    Very bright light and it will glare your eyes if you stare at the light. It illuminates the car interior very clearly and it's very easy to see especially when it's dark during the night as compare to the standard yellowish light bulb. It's 1.62W which consumes very little power as compare to the standard 5W bulb, so you don't need to worry your car battery will be drained if leave it turn-on overnight.
    Measure your original light bulb before you purchase. Good packaging. Hope it will last very long.
    Must buy item!
  • Bright flood-light

    posted by 25080205

    Very bright cool light flood. Power consumption slightly less than incandescent lamp but LED few times brighter!
    I mistakenly order lamp that longer than original lamp in my car and don't fit in reflector. Because it's my mistake, I resolder caps on sides of PCB and it's fit perfectly. Measure your old lamp before buy.
    It's fine light! I recommend replacing incandescent lights with it in all possible places. I install that lighs in ceiling lamp and trunk light.
  • Dashboard light replacement -

    posted by nenadh3

    I mounted those in my car dashboard, as a replacement for "rice" lights. The dashboard is now looking fresh, and is no more warming up.
    Check for the polarity before you mount the dashboard back. If it doesnt work, turn 180 degrees, then it will.
    It is very good to replace lights of indicator lamps. These are best replacement for yellow indicators. For green, red and blue use colored leds, it is better.Also change all yellow indicators at the same time, so they are even.
  • white color

    posted by darkjacky

    cheap. good color. (as stated) it works as it should work nothing really wrong with it. except the cons below
    you might be able to add a diode bridge to it but there is very little space. at 12volts it gets a little warmer than body temperature. one of the ones i ordered had one side broken this is easy to fix by putting a soldering iron against the solder.
    cheap quality but still good enough to use.

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