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Every single 78 keyboard displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

78 keyboard Customers Reviews

  • Excellent gadget!

    posted by joanange

    Fits perfectly on my iPad2. Connects seamlessly using bluetooth and typing experience is very good. Very well finished and seems to be very solid in any position it allows. It protects the iPad very well and unmounting is easy, but you'll not need to unmount the ipad since it allows to detach it from the keyboard and stand with a simple pinch on the center wheel.I tried it for several weeks now and am very happy with it!
    No USB cable for charging is provided, but not a big issue because all of us have at least one of the around :)
  • Nice cheap keyboard for travel use.

    posted by tarsius4

    Compact and roll-able, making the keyboard very portable. Water-proof and works with all modern computers
    I bought this for my girlfriend during her stay in France... It was a great way to send her a US layout keyboard to use in the French school's computers and DX shipped it directly to her. It was cheap so she had no problems leaving it behind when she couldn't bring all over her luggage back.
    It you need a portable keyboard and don't have much space, you won't be disappointed
  • Practical and useful

    posted by ajchen

    Extremely useful, doubles as a case, battery will last, saves battery automatically when switched on but not used, good price for people outside HK.Very easy to set up, type, charge, etc.Would definitely recommend to students like me. Helpful in lectures, classes, almost like a MacBook Air!
    Recommended to any person using the iPad to type a lot. Gives it a laptop feel and looks very professional! Very good price.
    Good for students, professionals, notetakers in general. very fair price.
  • Very nice and quite works great.

    posted by trixster68

    Very neat in design, nice stroke of keys quite. Can be rolled up and stored away. Dust proof and washable. It's all right!
    I am glad I bought this. It seems like a very nice keyboard and the price was right.
    It is a neat toy to have for your pc at home or at work easy to take with you for travel. Nice
  • Good, but a little large

    posted by SLAM3R

    Mouse and keyboard at your fingertips, perfect for media player in your living room where you do not want a full size keyboard/mouse. Easy to watch youtube clips from your sofa on a media PC, etc. Keys are spaced out well enough that fat fingers should still be able to operate it.
    Tacky screen printing on back cover.
    Good product, nice feel to the plastic, decent build quality. I would recommend it.

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